Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop

Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop


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The aim of pranic psychotherapy is to complement modern medicine, and to help alleviate the sufferings of people affected by psychological conditions by using esoteric principles and techniques that have long been hidden.

Pranic psychotherapy is pranic healing applied in the treatment of psychological disorders. In other words, when a person has stress and anxiety, or has problems with depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other psychological illnesses you can use pranic psychotherapy as a means of intervention.

During a two-day workshop you will learn basic concepts, principles and techniques of pranic psychotherapy:

  • Psychological functions of the major chakras
  • More detailed structure of a chakra
  • How to remove negative elementals, traumatic psychic energy and thought entities
  • Discussion and practice on pranic psychotherapy treatment of:
    • stress, irritability, grief and hysteria;
    • phobias, trauma, obsessions and compulsions;
    • physical and psychological depression.
  • Discussion and practice on pranic psychotherapy treatment of:
    • smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction;
    • visual and auditory hallucination.
  • Treatment for violent and paranoid patients
  • Techniques and practice of energy sublimation
  • Treatment of mental retardation
  • How to put a protective shield over a chakra
  • How to create an auric shield
  • Self-healing techniques
  • Distant pranic psychotherapy
  • Distant pranic psychotherapy for relationship healing
  • Meditation on Twin-Hearths with psychological self-healing

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