Live Audio Release Function of  Plz... Vinaddu - You will get addicted - album composed by Ashwin Palaparthi

Live Audio Release Function of Plz... Vinaddu - You will get addicted - album composed by Ashwin Palaparthi


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About The Event


Meltingpoint Music is a new audio records venture that aspires to promote independent musicians and help them create private albums, no matter which genre of music or language they belong to.

Meltingpoint is founded by Ashwin Palaparthi and is run by Dinesh Pulugundla. Plz… Vinaddu is the debut album from this records venture

Music Composer: Ashwin Palaparthi (Vice President, AppLabs)

Producer: Dinesh Pulugundla (MD, Meltingpoint Music)

Want to know about the songs?

1 Vandemataram
Theme: A patriotic composition in a reaction to the Mumbai attacks
Singers: Murali Krishna
Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi

2 What happened to me
Theme:  An absolute high-voltage tune from composer's heart dedicated to someone special
Singers: Sreeram (Indian Idol) & Sahithi G
Lyrics: Ashwin Palaparthi

3 Velige deepam
Theme: A somewhat symphony style composition for the praising scribbled by a poetry savvy student on his multi-talented guru who showered inspiration
Singers: Vittal Rahul & Sahithi G
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya
4 Plz... Vinaddu
Theme:  A foot tapping hip-hop style composition on a funny theme of a girl suggesting another girl not to listen to all the flirting words uttered by the boy
Singers: Pranavi & Sahithi G
Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi, Ashwin Palaparthi

5 Godavari
Theme: A melodious composition to narrate the serenity created by river Godavari while sailing on it
Singers: Shashi
Lyrics: Ashwin Palaparthi

6 Challagaali
Theme: Emotionally melodious composition on a magic that is brought by, and gone with the wind
Singers: Murali Krishna & Deepthi
Lyrics: Ashwin Palaparthi

7 Andala vennala
Theme: composed in a slightly rock style on the exchange of vis-a-vis a romantic proposal
Singers: Vittal Rahul & Sukanya
Lyrics: Ashwin Palaparthi
8 Ye rojuna chusano
Theme: composed in a retrospect folk style watching the koochie kooing between a newly married couple
Singers: Murali Krishna & Deepthi
Lyrics: Kedarnath Parimi

9 Unplugged message from ashwin
Theme: A raw and open solo by the composer carrying a message on what music means to him
Singers: Ashwin Palaparthi
Lyrics: Ashwin Palaparthi

This album is a vantines day gift from ashwin to all raw music lovers!

Ashwin Palaparthi  Founder and Architect

Ashwin is a musician by heart and is a self-trained composer. Composing tunes out of all the incidents (his own or by empathizing others) is the basis of his work. Meltingpoint Music has been founded by him as proprietary concern at this point of time. He believes that there is a lot of silence as well as noise in this world that can both be replaced by music and has an ambition to architect his bit in times to come.

He is also the Vice President, Innovation @ Applabs, the world's largest software testing and quality management company. As the Architect of Meltingpoint Music, Ashwin delivers his own music compositions as well as provides the vision and guidance in embracing the value system of music. He can be reached at
ashwin at

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