PlastAvenues Summit 2011

PlastAvenues Summit 2011


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Growing investment in environmentally sustainable technologies, along with increased interest from polymer manufacturers in biodegradable polymers and biopolymers is one of the primary focus areas of PlastAvenues Summit 2011. Those who attended the K Fair this year noticed that Green Plastics & Sustainability were the prominent themes on the agenda of a majority of exhibitors, resulting in widespread interest in the plastics industry. In this backdrop, the first edition of PlastAvenues Summit 2011 aims to further build this interest in India, and help the plastics fraternity leverage potential opportunities in this segment.

Programme Agenda 

Theme Sessions:
 Developments in polymers industry 
 Opportunities in biopolymers and biodegradables 
 Machine manufacturing towards energy efficiency 
 Recycling & Plastics Waste Management 
 Propagating green initiatives across application avenues
 Innovative product designing (Case studies from Plastics Processors)

Visionary Panel Discussion: The way forward in sustainable 
development of plastics

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