Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop

Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop


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About The Event

An Introduction to PAST LIFE REGRESSION as a powerful Therapeutic Tool to heal physical, emotional and mental problems.

Past Life Regression Therapy is becoming very popular worldwide, as a healing modality, for its effectiveness in unblocking blocked energies for leading a joyous life.
Workshop will be conducted by SABARI CHAKRABORTY who has trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in the US and is a Certified “Past Life Regression Therapist”, and also is an “Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist” (Certified by California Hypnosis Institute of India, Mumbai).
Many a times in life, despite our best efforts, our path to reach our highest potential  is repeatedly blocked by certain patterns involving certain people, situations, emotions and physical illnesses. These patterns  need to be recognised and then to break them we need to understand why they exist in our lives in the first place. Most of these unexplained life limiting patterns in the body , mind and soul are rooted in our past lives or our childhood.  
Past Life Regression makes it possible for us to experience and review our forgotten lifetimes and identify the causes for these blocks which exist in our current lifetime, thereby enabling us to heal these blocked energies and unhealed traumas.  Therapy is quick, effective and full of awareness when one understands the context of one’s life limiting patterns  from the perspective of an unhealed Past Life.

This 2 days Past Life Regression Workshop is experiential providing an opportunity for you to experience past lives to address unhealed issues in this life. The Workshop will also talk about many other facets of Past Lives, like the Laws of Karma, the journey of the Soul and our ONENESS with the Universe.
Past Life Regression Therapy is very effectve especially with Phobias and Psycho-somatic diseases like Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis, Migraines and also with lingering aches and pains.

So you are invited to explore, feel, heal and ask questions and find answers from the wisest, innermost part of your Being.

Recommended Reading : “Many Lives, Many Masters”  and “Only Love is Real” by Dr. Brian Weiss.
(These books are just a window into Past Life Regression and its process, there are of course countless more books on the subject).

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