Parithranam : The Liberation - Bharatanatyam Performance By Renuka Iyer At The Attic

Parithranam : The Liberation - Bharatanatyam Performance By Renuka Iyer At The Attic


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Parithranam-The Liberation - Bharatanatyam performance by Renuka Iyer

The 63 Nayanars (or Nayanmars) were Shaivite devotional poets of Tamil Nadu, active between the fifth and the 10th centuries CE. (listed in the Tamil Saiva hagiography Periya Puranam)

Three of these Nandanar, Thillai Vettiyaan, and Perraan Saambhan were untouchables and earned liberation through their devotion to Nataraja of Chidambaram, the cosmic dancer. These 63 Shaivite and 12 Vaishnava Nayanars are important apostles of the rise of the Hindu Bhakti movement in South India.

The journey of these saints was full of trials and tribulations. Renuka Iyer describes these through her dance leading to the ultimate liberation of the Saint Nandanar. She concludes her performance with a shloka on atmasmarpan by the Bhaktha, the essence of devotion.

Renuka Iyer is an MA in Bharatanatyam from Gandharva Maha Vidhyalaya, Miraj and is studying law in Delhi. She is a graded artist of Delhi Doordarshan and has performed at the Navaratri cultural festival at Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, the ICCR and Delhi International Art Festival as well as the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games (for which many politicians are in jail)

She performed at the 'Festival of India' in Spain, Portugal and Madeira Island with Guru Sonal Mansingh and in an international workshop of world classical music, dances and performing arts in 'Academie musicale de Villecroze', Nice, France. Renuka is a scholarship holder from CCRT, Ministry of Culture, Govt of India.

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