PRIVATE YACHT VACATION  in Greece. 5 Days / 6 Islands

PRIVATE YACHT VACATION in Greece. 5 Days / 6 Islands


About The Event

TravelmartIndia presents unique program - Yacht People’s Greek Island Vacation!


Incredible travel on the luxurious private sailing yacht!

We invite you to the incredible travel in the very heart of Greece - Cycladic Islands, pearl of Aegean Sea. Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Paros, Naxos, Ios - 5 best islands of Cyclades are here for you to discover! Journey begins every Sunday in April, May, June. 
-You will walk around the uninhabited island of Delos and admire the greatness of perfectly preserved antic temples. 
-You will discover the small villages on quiet Ios, home to many historical landmarks, the most famous being Homer’s Tomb, enjoy their calm rhythm of their life. 
-You will rock the night out in the best open air clubs of fashionable and party island of Mykonos. 
-You will see by your own eyes the pearl of Mediterranean Sea - Santorini, have a walk on the real volcano and take a picture of one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world from the Oia town of Santorini. 
All this and much more just in 5 days! 
You will experience freedom of travel and comfort of private house. No more packing & unpacking of your luggage every day, no road travels, no connections, no hotel bookings, no any touristic mess. Imagine changing the suburban train to private car for the first time - it is just the new level of comfort. 
During the trip you will learn the sailing basics - how to knit knots, how to distinguish between types of winds, how to steer a yacht and even more!
You will taste all the most delicious meals of greek cuisine - keftedakia, tzatziki, saganaki, moussaka. Probably it will be the best European meals in your life.

Get your cameras ready: you will not only get the participant certificate to boost out in the friends circle, but the most beautiful and incredible snaps to share with your family and friends - what is life without a good story for our friends after all? 

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