Book Online Tickets for Open Source Software System @ University, Srinagar. The deliberations will focus mainly on following areas. (However, any other relevant topic can be included/ addressed as well.)

New Challenges in Scholarly Communication: Open Source Systems and SoftwaresRole of Academic Libraries in Building

Open Source Software System @ University Of Kashmir, June 20 - 22, 2011


About The Event

The deliberations will focus mainly on following areas. (However, any other relevant topic can be included/ addressed as well.)

  • New Challenges in Scholarly Communication: Open Source Systems and Softwares
    Role of Academic Libraries in Building Open Communities of Scholars, Open Access Journals, Open Access Books, Open Journal Systems, Open Access Repositories.
  • Digital Libraries
    Designing Digital Libraries using open source softwares, Open Digital Libraries Initiatives, Digital Libraries and open Education
  • Social Networking
    Social Networking Use, Social Networking in Higher Education Research, Social Networking in Politics and Social Upliftment, Social Networks and Mobile Technologies, Social networking and change management
  • Cultural Preservation through Open Source Systems
    Archival Digitisation, Preservation Management through Open Source Softwares, Initiatives, Challenges and Oppurtunities
  • Open Source: Sociology & Growth
    Practices, innovation, communities, sociology of open source, open source for
    customization, extending technology and impact.
    non profits,
  • Open Source: Challenges and opportunities.
    License and Legal Aspects, Maintenance and upgradation, Customization, Economic and
    financial aspects, Cost effectiveness, etc
  • Open Source: Software & Design
    Development and administration, solutions, metrics, design, modularity, immigration to open
    source, open source aspect to programming, modularity and interoperability,reliability, Testing.
  • Open Source:Commercial Aspect
    Commercialization of open source software, revenue aspect
  • Government sector: Adoptation : Challenges and issues
    Application Development Areas, Overview of Developers in Government to citizen and citizen
    to Government. Emphasis on web servers, content management software, server operating
    systems, embedded systems (such as secure gateways and network attached storage,) and
    ‘middleware’ systems (Allowing communications between different systems)
  • Adoption of Open Source in Business World
    Developing nations and open source, open source and India, Breaking the myth
  • Operating systems and other utilities:
    Linux, Mozilla, Debian, Apache, LAMP, Mysql, AJAX.
  • Special Groups and Applications
    Government/Open Governance/Education/Health/Music/Libraries/Information
  • Digital Content creation and delivery
    Audio, Video, 3D,Animation,Recreation, Digital library etc
  • Open Source Language and Speech Technologies
    Open Source and multi-lingual online technologies , open source impact on human computer
    interaction , ontologies and open source
  • Data extraction and mining :
    Algorithms andadoption of new innovative techniques
  • Web enabled Technologies:
    Social Networking and tools, Impact, Transparency and accountability.Semantic Web.

Paper Submission


  1. Follow APA style for citations and references.For guidance
  2. The paper should have an abstract, keywords and affiliation of the author with email.
  3. The paper should submitted at preferably in word or PDF
    format and tables, diagrams in separate file.OR mail directly on the following e-mail id or
  4. The papers should be original research, survey or innovative work and not submitted to any
    journal or conferences for publication or presentation.
  5. The poster details need to be sent in soft format and later on acceptance the author has to
    bring printed page of the poster, each of which should be mountable on the boards
    provided for the purpose by organisors. Standard size should be 24X24 inches.

Best Papers
The best papers presented in the seminar will be honoured with a prize and the top twenty papers of the seminar will be published in the upcoming issues of departmental journal “Trends in Information Management” (TRIM) (ISSN: 0973-4163).
The journal is included in Ulrichsweb , Global Serials Directory by Pro Quest (U.S.A) and Educational Technology and Library Science by Cabell Publishing Inc. (U.S.A).The journal is also web enabled through EBSCO's prestigous database, Bussiness Source Complete (U.S.A). Also, it is under consideration in world’s growing indexing abstracting database, SCOPUS, the product of Elsevier, largest publishers in Science, Technology and Medicine (S.T.M).
Furthermore, the post conference papers will be published as an edited volume with ISBN after a proper revised process.


Tutorials will be held for special Software and applications in different sectors of Government and Non
government areas (depending upon number of participants in each Tutorial).The tentative tutorials

under consideration of organisors are:

  1. Bhartiya Open source software (BOSS) (Government of India, Ministry of Communications
    and IT)
  2. Course Management software( For Schools and Colleges)
  3. Embedded Systems and Secure Gateways.(For network and automation personnel in different
    corporate and other institutions)
  4. Institutional Repositories/ Digital Libraries.(forinformation,museums,archives etc. personnel)


The seminar is focussed for different stakeholders and hence from diverse fields (like
Government bodies in delivering
e- governance, IT Institutions and organisations, corporate
houses, Media, Health professionals, Engineering Faculty, Education and Information Science
Professionals) is expected which can get benefited from the deliberations. This will go long way
in sensitizing people associated directly or indirectly with software development, Application,
design, delivery and use both in government and non-government sectors.

In view of limited accommodation available in the campus, organisers, on request, can reserve accommodation for participants in nearby guest Houses/ Hotels on reasonable rates on first come basis. The tentative tariffs are given below for convenience of participants:
a) Guest House: Tariff Rs 500-Rs 800.00. (Single/Share basis) (3Kms from venue)
b) A class Hotel: Tariff Rs 1000.00--Rs1500.00 (Single/Share basis) (3-7kms from venue)
c) Deluxe Hotel: Tariff Rs 2, 000.--3,000. (Single or Share basis)
(7-10Kms from venue)

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