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Learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO) from leading SEO Experts. 100% Online Training with topics that will help you start, grow, or manage your SEO for your business.

Practical, Real-World SEO Training
7 Weeks Online SEO Training Wo

Online SEO Training Workshop trained by leading SEO Experts


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About The Event


Learn Search Engine Optimization(SEO) from leading SEO Experts. 100% Online Training with topics that will help you start, grow, or manage your SEO for your business.

Practical, Real-World SEO Training

7 Weeks Online SEO Training Workshop

7 Weeks  
Online SEO training with live streaming video. It’s like attending an in-person training session without any traveling expenses.
10 Industry Experts 
100+ Years of combined industry experience & A Passion for training.
Real Case Studies, Real Experts. 
14 Workshop Sessions 
Covering core SEO topics. Learn as you go.
Exclusive Certification of Completion awarded to all attendees.

Workshop Agenda 

Build It 

Session 1 - August 12: Future of SEO Keynote

In this live keynote session, attendees will learn from leading SEO expert on the state of SEO industry. Attendees will hear the real value of SEO rankings and why it is one of the top online marketing tactics. You will also learn on how the constant changes in search engine's algorithms affect SEO rankings. You will also learn where we are in the SEO continuum model and what the future holds for SEO especially with social media results now part of SEO. Finally, you will hear sage advice on tips to succeed and some of the best ways to get started in SEO. 


Session 2 - August 17: Advanced Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of SEO. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to research keywords that target your intended audience using various methods and tools. You will also learn to discover new keywords using social media platforms and finally integrating them into your SEO program. 

 Optimize It 

Session 3 - August 19 : Web Site Architecture

Web Site Architecture is the single most overlooked step and if missed can affect your chances of SEO success. You will learn some common architecture mistakes to avoid, strategies to implement, and what you can learn from well architected web sites. You will also learn how to create a search friendly design can help you attract and convert visitors into buyers. Shari Thurow will walk you through few real examples of web sites and what factors should be considered and pitfalls to avoid when creating a well architected search friendly web site. 


Session 4 - August 24: Site SEO - Must have on-page SEO elements

On-Page SEO is all about getting the basics of SEO right. But then what are those basics and how can you scale those basic tactics each time new SEO page goes out? This workshop will look at those must-have on-page SEO elements and how they stack up against performance. 


Session 5 - August 26: Technical Site SEO

SEO starts getting complex once you enter the technical side of your site and how it affects your site rankings. In this workshop we will look at the top technical SEO elements and which ones you should be a priority. We will look at auditing site for technical SEO, common technical SEO issues you should diagnose, and prioritizing SEO list for IT. 


Session 6 - August 31: Local Search SEO Tactics

Google has reported that nearly 30% of all queries have some type of local intent, local SEO has become imperative for all businesses. Local search is no more just claiming your business or showing up on maps but has evolved and become more complex and competitive. In this session you will learn what factors search engines consider in ranking local businesses and how to go about optimizing your business for top position. 


Session 7 - August 31: YouTube & Video SEO

Thanks for broadband availability and YouTube, video has become an integral marketing strategy for many companies. Recent admissions by Google that engagement is a big factor in search rankings further demonstrate the importance of video. In this session you will learn why, what, and how you should be optimizing video for SEO as well as YouTube.



 Market It 

Session 8 - September 2: Creating your Content Marketing Strategy for SEO

"Content is King" may have become overused but the role of content building and content marketing has changed over the past few years. After it's recent updates Search Engines Google has started weighing heavily towards original content. But how do you go about that original content that is liked by search engines and human visitors? That is what we will learn in this exciting content session. We will also look at strategy steps that is needed to create a content creation process. Finally, we will learn how to optimize the content for optimal visibility. 


Session 9 - September 7: Link Building through Blogs, Feeds, Widgets, & RSS

In this power packed link building workshop, you will learn why link building is important and how to start building your links. In this workshop we will look at white-hat, ethical link building strategies and how to define your link building goals. We will also look at some common link building myths and which link building efforts would pay dividends in search engines. 


Session 10 - September 9: Link Building with Social Media

Recent admissions by Google and Bing have testified to the fact that social media links are indeed factored in by search engines to boost your keyword rankings. At the same time, throwing some content out does not guarantee you links either. This workshop will look at some of the proven social media strategies for link building. 


Session 11 - September 14: Social Media Signals for SEO

With the advent of Social Media, search engines Increasingly, there is more synergy between SEO and Social Media as Google has started including social media relevancy into its search results. In this video you will learn how to employ social media for SEO to get maximum results. 


Session 12 - September 16: In-House SEO

An increasing number of companies are bringing their SEO in-house or hiring an SEO to work with an outside agency. In this session, you will learn how to get your in-house SEO program up & running by creating the right internal team structure. You will also learn how to create internal best practices, working collaboratively with stakeholders, establishing reporting standards and many other important factors that will help your SEO program to succeed. A must-attend session!

Measure It 

Session 13 - September 21: Web Analytics for SEO

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it said management guru Peter F. Drucker. Nowhere that sage advice is so true then in SEO. In this workshop on web analytics you will learn the Key Performance Indicators(KPI) that you should manage your SEO to. We will start with best practices for page tagging and then move on to top measurable activities for SEO with a drill down into each of the top KPI's. We will then look at Google analytics and learn how to use reports for SEO analysis including segmentation and other concepts. 


Session 14 - September 23: SEO Rankings, Reporting, and SEO Tools Roundup

The goal of this workshop is to measure SEO activities and show it in an easy to understand reporting template. You will learn how to benchmark your performance against your competition and how to track your SEO rankings. Finally, you will learn to integrate SEO-PPC performance into your search dashboard. Plus, we will do a roundup of most useful SEO tools.
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