One Day National Symposium On Software 2.0 Emerging Competencies-Hyderabad-April 30th 2011

One Day National Symposium On Software 2.0 Emerging Competencies-Hyderabad-April 30th 2011


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About The Event

About CSI:  Computer Society of India (CSI) registered in 1965, has more than 71000 Computer Professionals as its members, 70 chapters and more than 400 student branches. Objectives of CSI are to organize, develop and support computational activities and improve the efficiency of computational process in India, to exchange the benefits of experience gained in thefield of Computers and Information Processing; to take active steps to educate people in the field of computers; and to spread computer know how and applications. CSI organizes its activities such as Conferences, Seminar, Workshop, and Conventions etc. at National, Regional and Chapter levels.

About the Seminar: “Software 1.0” has been happening for nearly five decades beginning with the questions: “what should it do?” and “what can it do?” The success rate of Software Projects has been alarmingly low considering the number of professionals working in this area over the past 50 years. Several challenges in the areas of Human Resources, Technology, Management and Innovation remain. “Software 2.0” is to integrated Cybernetics and systems Theory with the best practices in “Software 2.0” is to integrate Cybernetics and systems Theory with the best practices in “Software1.0”.The innovation necessary to create economic growth, drive societal change and address challenges related to profitable growth relies on ICT, at the heart of which is software.A new market paradigm is emerging – Software 2.0 – where the competitive environment and market dynamics are totally different. The software 2.0 paradigm challenges all current market players and offers huge opportunities for the software industry. This is a new world, with new rules and Software developers must innovate to complete.

1. Early thoughts on “Software 2.0”The software of the future will not favor one delivery model over the other. We will see a hybrid model of software plus service. That model will seamlessly combine the best of desktop PC, Internet and Web, mission-critical enterprise, and mobile computing experiences”.

2. Some Emerging Definitions“Software 2.0 is a term derived from Web 2.0 used to describe a second generation of software development methodologies. The Software 2.0 refer to hosted services which aim to facilitate users creativity to develop and share their own software applications online.” Software will drive the next generation of the Internet as it grows to occupy an ever-more central position in our society and economy.

Topics of interest include,but are not limited to:

  • Complexity Sciences adopted to Enterprise Applications.
  • Integrating Business Risks
  • Usability engineering
  • Real-Time Transaction Lifecycle Management
  • Human ware & Systems Thinking
  • Neuro-Cybernetics
  • Biological Cybernetics
  • Software Aesthetics
  • Web Intelligence

Target Audience:

  • Software Professional
  • Decision Makers from Government, Defense, PSU & Private Sector Enterprises
  • Senior IT Managers & Administrators
  • Technology Experts, Industry Analysts,Academicians & Researchers.
  • Students

Seminar Series on“Software 2.0 – Emerging Competencies”Speakers

  • Dr. Anirban Basu, PQR Software, Bangalore
  • Dr. Subhendu Ghatak, TCS Kolkata
  • Mr Ritesh Mukherjee, C-DAC, Kolkata
  • Ms. Manjula Dharmalingam, PMI, Mumbai 
  • Mr. Ajay Deshkar,Expert 3D
  • Dr. Gautam Shroff, TCS New Delhi
  • Dr. M M Pant, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU
  • Mr. Abhishek Rungta, Indus Net Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Mr. Rajagopalan Balaji, SIFY Technologies Ltd 
  • Mr. Ashish Mehta , Oracle India
  • Ms. Swati Batra, Oracle India
  • Dr. C R Muthukrishnan, Fellow, CSI 
  • Mr. MGPL Narayana, TCS 
  • Mr. Hirdesh Singhal, Mahindra Satyam & PMI

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