Nowartindia - Art Exhibition At Stupa 18 Gallery

Nowartindia - Art Exhibition At Stupa 18 Gallery


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Nowartindia - Art Exhibition. A collective of international and national women artists.

An exhibition of works on paper by Paula Ellis, Han Jungwon & Dr. Chandna Dixit.

The idea of this show is to delve into the roots of 'creation' by women, to understand feminine creativity on its own terms, and not as an also-ran of contemporary art, for it possesses its idiosyncratic identity, history, ideology and understanding that reaches far beyond compensating for another sensibility. The dichotomy which has until present times deflected from congruence of the female sensibility towards art and the creative principle.

Arts are an arena where sensibilities are paramount and so is success. Do women get free rolls of the dice by just the factor of their gender? Far from it, in fact they have to work twice as hard to get there. If they work, they do so in spite of everything and not because of something. A man can go off to his studio at any time and start painting. She has to first ensure that her family is looked after and then think about her work, especially in the Indian context. As women we don't have the luxury of waiting for a mood to come. Mood has to come when she can paint. If she emerges a good painter it is great, but she is able to sustain it, it is a miracle. In the case of Dr Chandna Dixit, one hand wields the stethoscope and the other wields a paint brush, or to be more specific, charcoal. The paper works by her are tinted by her profession. It is as if the churning within will lead the way to a soaring of the soul. The drama of the black juxtaposed with the white has immense impact as the shades traverse the distance between the greys effortlessly.

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