Neuro Linguistic Programming- Kinesiology (Basic) workshop happening on 26th and 27th March 2011 in Mumbai

Neuro Linguistic Programming- Kinesiology (Basic) workshop happening on 26th and 27th March 2011 in Mumbai


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About The Event

N L P (Neuro Linguistic Programming):A system of modeling the excellence of geniuses


The tool of muscle testing from the field of Applied Kinesiology is the easiest, reliable and the fastest way to communicate with your Sub-conscious mind.

NLP-K: It is an integration of the systemic use of NLP and Kinesiology to create compounded benefits such that not only can you create fast, effective changes for yourself but also help and support others to create physical, mental, emotional, financial, intellectual and spiritual changes.

What does this mean?

Some times, we have the will, commitment, belief, determination, drive etc. to make something

happen; however things don't move the way we expect it to move. Does it sound familiar?

The Reason

The will, commitment, belief, determination, drive etc. are moved by the conscious mind. However the unconscious mind is not in alignment with the conscious mind. As you are aware the unconscious mind is considerably more powerful than the conscious


The Solution

Align the Unconscious mind with the Conscious mind.

 Sounds simple, but how?

The NLP-K workshop uses the techniques of NLP and Muscle Testing to integrate the Unconscious mind with the Conscious mind.

The Workshop

The NLP-K workshop teaches you the following.

 Muscle testing – to create a communication channel with the unconscious mind

Two NLP processes – to resolve limiting beliefs and install new beliefs into your system
A goal setting exercise – to engage your unconscious mind and activate your potential to reach your goals

At the end of the workshop you learn to

 Overcome limiting beliefs

 Accomplish goals with your unconscious mind


 Release Dis-ease and illness

 Overcome phobias

Release trauma and anxiety

5 methods of self testing & self application

 Offer NLP-K sessions to others

 Tailored application for Family and Friends
You are also given an opportunity to enroll in the assessment & certification program that allows you to become a professional certified NLP-K Practitioner.


Krish Srikanth

Only Indian trained in NLP Modeling with Dr. John Grinder, co-founder of NLP

Trained in Applied Kinesiology & Muscle Testing with Healing Corrections

 Guest faculty in IIM-Bangalore, XLRI and other top B-schools

As a peak performance coach, Krish has trained many leaders including
Naveen Jindal, the M.D of Jindal Steel & Power

Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore, Olympic Silver Medalist

 Dinesh Kaarthick & Robin Uthappa, Cricketers

He has trained over 24,000 people all over the world in 10 countries and in 49 cities all over India in the last 15 years. Countries where he has worked and consulted include USA, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Ireland, France, Singapore & UAE.

This is to inform you about Fabulous workshop that teaches and enhances your two way communication with subconscious mind and much more. Do take advantage of the same asap by committing to your self growth . Do let me know if you would like to refer the workshop to anyone.

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