NLP Practitioner Programme- Chennai

NLP Practitioner Programme- Chennai


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About The Event

Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) is the Study of Excellence. Developed initially as a tool to help achieve astonishingly fast results in psychotherapy, people and corporate across world realised its potential and application in wide variety of behavior influencing applications. Today you can easily find how some of the best Leaders, Negotiators, Salesmen, Managers, Trainers, Therapists and many others make use of NLP tools to produce results almost instantaneously. The applications are not only limited to professional as it extends to Students, housewives, New and/or expecting Mothers etc.

NLP primarily deals with Conscious and Unconscious mind and provides tools that could change a person’s response to various stimuli (situations) e.g. if certain event made a person angry, the same event will not act as trigger anymore or if some occurrence made someone nervous (say interview or presentation) tools can be developed to reverse the effect. NLP also teaches you how you could read non-verbal almost like a master of body language and reframe sentences you use to create desired effect and many many more.

This programme is one of the most powerful programmes available in the country today. It is designed and conducted by Dr David Lincoln (international Master Trainer and a Psychotherapist from UK who had been using and teaching these techniques for over two decades) as per international standards. It is the only programme that is supported by exhaustive learning kit that comprises of 15 Audio CDs and 2 Video DVDs. There are no hidden costs like annual membership fee and a very powerful post programme support system. The programme is conducted by fully accredited trainers across the country all round the year.

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