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About The Event

Dear ,
Greetings from CEMA ! ! !
I take this opportunity to share with you our upcoming exclusive 1 Day Workshop on NEGOTIATION SKILLS scheduled in Delhi for 24 June.

One Day Workshop on Negotiation Skills –  The art of WIN WIN

24 June, 2011 Hans Plaza, Delhi

Negotiation can be defined in a very simple way – a process to get what you want.

It is an interactive process between two or more parties seeking to find common ground on an issue or issues of mutual interest or dispute where the involved parties seek to make or find a mutually acceptable agreement that will be honored by all the parties concerned.

Same way Negotiation skills are requires to negotiate effective deals across a variety of contexts; including different industries, products and services. Negotiation skills are learnable, 'born negotiators' are a myth. Effective negotiation requires a variety of skills drawn from different disciplines. Negotiating skills include: communication, persuasion and influence, planning, strategising, tactics, process and systems, teamwork and many others. Since negotiation requires much face to face interaction, negotiation skills cannot be learned from a book alone. The better negotiation skills learning programs involve a great deal of role plays and feedback discussions.

We all negotiate in some way or the other but over here in one day workshop we would learn a bit more about the skills in a more effective way so that we are better than today.

Programme Objectives

      • 1. to emphasize the need and purpose of negotiation.
        2. to organize self before initiating negotiation
        3. to be aware of common pitfalls during negotiation
        4. to adopt appropriate behavioral styles during negotiation

Programme Scope

1. Introduction to negotiation.
2. Organizing for negotiation.
3. Common pitfalls during negotiation.
4. Effective execution skills.
5. Purchase Negotiation
6. Few Guidelines
7. Summary

Further details of workshop along with Faculty & Registration form is given below the signature.

Best Regards

Anees Bhatt 

Corporate Events Management Associates

Satyam Tower, SF 266,

Paschim Vihar,

New Delhi - 110063 

011 25253042


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