NASSCOM Social Media Summit 2011 at Leela Kempinski in New Delhi, on April 29, 2011

NASSCOM Social Media Summit 2011 at Leela Kempinski in New Delhi, on April 29, 2011


About The Event

Are changes instigated through the Social Media silently brewing a revolution? 

A few months ago, a question like would have invited skepticism, raised eyebrows on the extreme views of a handful of geeks. After all we were only referring to services like the ones started by a bunch of college kids to have fun, allowing people to join forces on areas of common interest, share common problems, or follow a campus cause online.
But what happens when the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, set off by social media, inspires protests in Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Jordan and even faraway China? Is it time to sit up and take notice of these erstwhile ‘irrelevant playthings’ that have the power to turn sentiments viral?

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Key Features

  • Leadership keynotes and panel discussions on how social technologies are changing individuals, media, government, diplomacy, business.
  • Handholding on how to build a personal brand through Social Media
  • Discussion on how to plug Social Media into your marketing strategy
  • MasterClass on topics like whether your company need a Social Media Strategy
  • Debate on Transprancy vs Confidantiality: Walking the tight rope
  • Hand holding on Social Networking etiquettes
  • Tips on handling a hyper connected world
  • Best Practices in Social media: What fails
  • Heated Argument on whether we need social media at all!


0900 - 1000 hrs 
1000 - 1030 hrs 
Opening Keynote: The Dilemma of Confidentialite vs Transparency
1030-1130 hrs 
The Social Media Ripple Effect: A fad or the biggest shift since industrial revolution?
  • Why are we talking about social media
  • How social technologies are impacting polity, media, diplomacy, business
  • How social media is touching individual lives & aspirations
  • How it has become easy to join forces for a cause, for good or for bad!
1130-1230 hrs 
Befriend or Defriend: Can being anti Social Media have perils for future businesses
  • Outlook of traditional vs new look companies
  • Will it ever become hygiene or can companies safely sleep over it till it passes?
  • Are there verticals, functions, sectors that render themselves more to social networking than others
1230-1330 hrs 
1330-1430 hrs 
Theme Session: Social networks: Boon or bane for the Next gen HR?
  • Is HR using this tool for recruiting
  • Is it a good idea to mix personal & professional profile
  • Will this revolution require policy changes, especially for newer security needs, within companies
  • Sensitizing employees on privacy needs, change in training & orientation
  • Is SM addiction hampering organizational productivity
  • How are companies gearing up to handle feedback emerging from internal social networks
  • How will future HR handle digital diversity of social media haves & Have nots
1430-1500 hrs 
Business Keynote
1500-1530 hrs 
Networking Tea Break
1530-1700 hrs 
How to plug Social Media into your marketing strategy

        Building a Personal Brand on Social Media

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