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Celebrate Indian Music Therapy Day on 13 May
We need to promote Indian Music Therapy. Because- \\\

Music Therapy Day 13 May


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Indian Music Therapy Day

Celebrate Indian Music Therapy Day on 13 May

We need to promote Indian Music Therapy. Because- "The Indian Music is very good for healing and meditation ... Indian Music is wonderful: not only tonal therapy, but a tonic for each day..."

Indian Music Therapy Day is celebrated on each 13 May of the year so we can redefine National peace and health in a much simpler and melodious way.

Almost every singer, musician and dancer- everyone related to the Indian Music- have the same opinion and message to offer on the occasion of Indian Music Therapy Day.

''This is a day which brings Music Therapists, Musicians and music lovers from all over the Country together to celebrate the union of so many kinds of music. This is itself has the capacity of redefining National peace and health.'' 

Now Indian Music Therapy Day will spread over the entire globe. Indian Music Therapy Day will be recognized for the contribution of Indian Music Therapists to improve the quality of live for over Indian citizens. Indian Music Therapy Day supports the profession and practitioners of music therapy to promote access to quality professional music therapy services for the citizens of Indian.


Why Indian Music Therapy Day should celebrate?

  • Goal of Indian Music Therapy Day festival is to make propaganda of Indian Music Therapy in various manners.
  • To Increase the Public Awareness and Government awareness.
  • The Day will be utilized to make the Music Therapy promotion.
  • This celebration provides the platform for the public attaining all the Music Therapist.

How Indian Music Therapy Day should celebrate?

In order to build peace and health on National level by the means of Music Therapy, this gala of festival should celebrate joyfully on National level.
Thus, celebration of Indian Music Therapy Day involves:-
Arranging speech of leading Music Therapist, Musicologists, Research Scholars and interpreters in order to gather the knowledge based on the essence of Music Therapy and recent scenario of Indian Music Therapy.
Arranging Seminars and Workshops of Music therapy and Artists. Organizing music competitions and quizzes arranging different exhibitions of Music Therapy.
Exhibition of Musical instruments, paintings, posters,
Photographs typically based on musical themes.
Giving invitation to the delegations of Music Therapists, Musicians and Research scholars   from all over India in order to ask for their participation during Indian Music Therapy Day.


Thanking you in anticipation of favourable action.

Issued By-       India’s First Music Therapist

Dr. Bhaskar Khandekar

Contribute and Join us to celebrate the Indian Music Therapy day on 13 May,

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We are is pleased to announce the

Music Therapy Day on 13 May.

We need help to celebrate Indian Music Therapy Day on 13May. Your financial contribution will support for advancement and promotion to Indian Music Therapy & Research work.

Kalawardhan Academy is a non-profit, non-ethnic, non-religious, and non-partisan organization in all its dealings with the Performing Arts and devoted Indian classical Music and Music Therapy Students.

Kindly make all donations payable to `Kalawardhan Academy’ Jabalpur  and a memo -scholarship fund. Mail your donations to: Director-Kalavardhan Academy 

Thank You for spending time reading this Article and Appeal, and also Wishes You God Blessings and Good Wishes.

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