Money and Life intervention series

Money and Life intervention series


  • Money & life intervention series

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About The Event

Money is one of the important aspect in life, your life will be complete if you earn money with enjoyment and with contributing to the society. 

There is always an opportunity for you in this world for you if you are prepared. When you are prepared things will happen for you, the road for you would be created, the direction would be set and you will get some one who can be your partner in your life journey. 

As you want to be successful, Want to be RICH & HAPPY in life, Looking for a great positive change in life.

This is a series of Life changing 24 Sessions every 15 days, Specially designed for you. 

Every session is of 2 hrs. Followed by 15 days Action plan for you to get maximum out of this intervention. 

Are you prepared ? 

If yes then this is for you ...................................

We are on a mission to make people RICH & HAPPY and this is one of the way for accomplishment of our mission by helping you to become one.

Most of the great creation of GOD comes almost free to you, Like Air, Water & Food. Same as this program also, cost is just Rs. 200/- per session.

Help us to help you to become RICH & HAPPY. 

These 24 sessions would be focused on : 

Defining outcome of Money & Life intervention. 

Understanding rules of life success.

How to think to become Rich & Successful. 

Developing mindset to become RICH & HAPPY.

Mindset towards Money. 

Learning in a right way about money.

Analysis of Journey & learning enjoyment. 

Building resources for life

Building right relationship with work and colleagues. 

Building relationship with Money.

Creation of plan or strategy for life goal. 

Creating your own world.

No more self-fooling. 

Analysis of journey & developing faith.

Take control of your life. 

Develop right focus for life 1.

Develop right focus for life 2. 

Live today and plan for future.

Powerful Laws of universe – 1 

Powerful Laws of universe –2

Analysis of Journey & Accepting abundance. 

Celebrating success on path of being RICH and HAPPY.

Crucial factors which makes your life. 

The life ahead.

Who should attend :

Every one who is looking for a positive change in life

Students, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Businessman, Salaried, Retired, Housewives, Beginners..........................................................

Language of presentation : Marathi & Hindi. 

What you should bring :

Open mind,

Learning mindset,

With attitude to become RICH & HAPPY.

Pen & Note book. 


Presenter : 

These session would be conducted by CWCT Ashish Bhave, Money & Life freedom coach.

He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER by profession, The challenges and requirement made him to study Life management now he is international advanced life coach, Certified practitioner & Master practitioner of NLP, Certified Wealth Coach & Trainer.

He is interviewed on All India Radio on Developing right mindset to become RICH, He is spreading awareness about adding real meaning to life in program " लक्ष्मी करा ग प्रसन्न " aired every Monday at 12 noon. 

He is creating awareness about Money and aspects of money through his monthly programs " Artha Shiksha Abhiyan". 

He specialized Life management for MONEY and believe strongly that every one has a potential to create big fortune for self and contribute to society in big way.

He is a founder of three companies ARB financials (, Ashish Bhave's academy of wealth Pvt. Ltd. ( & Money to life financial informatics LLP ( 

Now he is helping hundreds of families to change life financially.

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