Mocomi Creative Labs - Animation Workshops for Kids

Mocomi Creative Labs - Animation Workshops for Kids


  • Animation and Gaming workshop for kids

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About The Event

Animation and Gaming workshop for kids from Mocomi Creative Labs offers a completely fresh approach to learning by developing the right and left brained child holistically through experiences that are fun and engaging.The Animation workshop instills in children essential skills such as planning, scheduling, organization, designing and animation to name a few, applying the same collectively to create a short animated film. The skills taught in the workshop have numerous real world applications including creating world-class presentations for all subjects such as bring science experiments to live through animation. This Workshop will be invaluable to children in their schooling, extra curricular and social activities by instilling in them tomorrow's skills today!

Mocomi's pedagogy takes the learner through a simple yet powerful process of reflection and realization through Animation, Graphics and Mind Games. Its structured experiential process enables delivery of all the four fundamentals of Thinking Skills, Concepts, Processes and Models.

Module 1- Animation
This module will get the students introduced to the magical world of Animation in which the student can get there imagination to life the module will also teach them a new approach to make school project presentation which they need to submit from time to time. Student will learn a new way of looking at the their boring text book and get the chapter from history or experiments of science to life. This module is not just a fun course but will also give student a new approach of learning.

Module 2- Gaming
Having fun playing games like Angry bird and temple run, so this is the chance for learners to not just play but create their own fun games and share it with the world and who knows may be their game just might become the most played game of the year. This course will teach learners how to create their own 2D and 3D game, in process they will learn to have fun mixing their creativity with maths logic for creating an exciting and dynamic game.

Module 3 3D Animation for Kids
Get creative with Maya, the 3D software used in Frozen and Halo 4. Students model and move characters, objects, and environments as they learn essential animation skills. Construct simple scenes and objects.Whatever your imagination can dream up, they will make it!


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