Mobile Apps Conclave & Exhibition

Mobile Apps Conclave & Exhibition


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About The Event

The Mobile Web - the new name of Growth around the world. Mobile Internet Tsunami - as many refer to it.

Mobile is the industry of this decade. Mobile has taken emerging markets, eg. India, by storm. The feature phone growth is fast evolving into smartphone growth driven by the emergence and popularity of The Mobile Web and those tiny ubiquitous Apps - hundreds of thousands of them literally. Mobile Web is upending so many industries, it is breathtaking to say the least. Many of these businesses are succumbing to the trend which the venerable firm Apple started - businesses like news and media, advertising, gaming, productivity, publishing, telecom, entertainment, commerce, financial services or healthcare..the list goes on and on. Whoever you are, whereever you are - either have a App and Mobile Media strategy or be prepared to loose substantial traction in the marketplace - because, indeed, your customers are App savvy even if you are not.

You are on the road and want to check nearby promotions, there are many apps for that; you want to track your supply chain, many apps for that too; track Social Network updates; many apps there as well; there is even an app for Confessing to God. Well well, Clergy and the Members of the House of God, take notice. Apps are orchestrating the hyper-growth in intelligent smartphones; next playground is Tablet followed by the Computers themselves. Are you ready for the brave New World of Mobile, Tablets and Emerging Devices. Are you ready for the Mobile Web revolution ?

To learn about the Business of Mobile Apps/Web and hear from the top Mobile Web visionaries of India, join us at the Mobile Apps Conclave. Also, prepare to be dazzled by cutting-edge Mobile Apps and Solutions at the innovative Mobile Solutions Showcase.

Speakers :
    *  Sridhar Ranganathan, Vice President - Product Management, InMobi
    *  Sunny Rao, MD - APAC and India, Nuance Communications
    *  Sandeep Sawhney, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Aircel
    *  Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO, One97 Communications
    *  N K Goyal, President, CMAI
    *  Mahesh Patil, General Manager, Idea Cellular
    *  Badri Sanjeevi, COO, Mauj Mobile
    *  Rajiv Kumar, CEO and Founder, RockeTalk
    *  Mahesh Narayanan, Country Manager - Business Development, Google India
    *  Salil Bhargava, CEO - Jump Games, Reliance BIG Entertainment
    *  Viswanath Poosala, Head of Bell Labs - India, Alcatel-Lucent
    *  Harish Gandhi, Executive Director, Canaan Partners
    *  Vishal Singhal, CMO, CellStrat

Why Attend :
    * Learn about the business of Mobile Apps, App Stores and The Mobile Web
    * Understand how the growth of Tablets and Emerging Devices will revolutionize the tech industry
    * Meet and Greet the Leading Mobile App and Mobile Web Experts from all over India
    * Experience the Mobile Apps Showcase - a dazzling demonstration of cutting-edge Mobile Apps and Wireless Solutions
    * Understand the impact of Mobile Platforms like iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerries etc and their Tablet cousins
    * Network with leading Mobile, Technology and Media Executives from a cross-section of industry verticals.

Target Audience : CXOs, Senior Management, Media / Marketing Leaders, Technology Executives, Brand Heads, Developers, Evangelists and Innovators.

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