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Mobile 	advertising has emerged as an integral part of any brand\\\'s marketing 	campaign today. It has become an important engagement tool for 	brands, and aims to fulfill the gap that traditional media has been 	unable to bridge. With the inc

Mobile Advertising India 2011 @ Taj Lands End, Mumbai, July 21, 2011


About The Event

  • Mobile advertising has emerged as an integral part of any brand's marketing campaign today. It has become an important engagement tool for brands, and aims to fulfill the gap that traditional media has been unable to bridge. With the increasing popularity of the Mobile Internet, this form of marketing is soon poised to achieve a significant reach. More than 800 million people in India now own mobile phones, and there are ample opportunities for content and service providers to generate mobile value added services (MVAS) revenues from this nascent market. 

    With the launch of 3G services in India, MVAS including mobile advertising will receive a boost. In the Indian market, since mobile proliferation is much higher than PC penetration, 3G is expected to drive the convergence between mobile and Internet platforms. There has been a dramatic increase in online distribution and consumption of user generated content. The popularity of applications such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is proof of this. As greater bandwidth is made available with the advent of 3G and technological innovations in networks, platforms and end user devices stimulate further demand, this trend will also be witnessed in the mobile space. 

    Mobile Advertising is emerging as the new "hot topic" in the mobile, advertising and telecommunications industry today. Though still rapidly evolving the Mobile Advertising industry is approaching $1 billion in global revenue for 2007 and attracting attention from top brands and advertising agencies which is generating responses that are as high as 40%, compared with a 3% response rate through direct mail and 1% with internet banner ads. Mobile Advertising is the next wave of opportunity for marketers, brands, and advertising agencies to capture the attention of highly-desirable and affluent consumers on the go. 

    Post 3G Benefits of Mobile Advertising in India: 

  • Consumers: 3G will enhance the user experience through high quality value added services and increased voice quality. 3G technology will enable video broadcast and data-intensive services such as interactive games, learning applications and latency-sensitive transaction applications such as stock trading. The superior user experience will lead to a host of services, such as updates on news, sports, the stock market, music and entertainment, ring back tones, games, m-advertising and m-commerce, that are expected to become popular as consumers increasingly subscribe to affordable 3G services.

  • Operators: The 3G rollout will help operators offer rich content services providing opportunities to operators to maximize subscriber value as well as reduce churn through relevant offerings. The enhanced voice quality and capacity offered by 3G will help operators in the Indian market improve service quality in general. With appropriate offers and targeted marketing, operators can increase customer satisfaction and generate incremental revenues.

  • Mobile advertisement companies: The experience from around the world suggests that mobile advertising will become more acceptable with 3G. With 3G the mobile channel will offer the same media qualities as the Internet or television with the added uniquely mobile capabilities of immediacy, intimacy and track-ability for immediate ROI measurements. This potent combination will lead to a surge in mobile advertising with the application of appropriate mobile marketing technologies. Mobile ad spends will significantly increase with the spread of 3G services.

Keeping in mind all these innovative developments and market trends, Mobile Advertising India 2011 conference will brought together industry experts and representatives from leading advertising institutions, mobile operators and solutions providers and will provide a strategic insight into m-advertising market, exploring collaborative business models, innovative applications, technologies and strategies.

A Must Attend For:

  • Telecom Network Operators
  • CEO's, CIO's, CTO's, CFO's, COO's, Chief Technologists
  • Director's VP's, GM's, CGM's, Branch Manager's Banks
  • VP Business Strategy/Technology from banks
  • VAS Directors/Finance Director/Marketing Director
  • IT/ Network Planning and Management Directors
  • Representatives from TRAI
  • Advertising and Agency professional
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Media Buyers and Planners
  • Software Developers
  • Content and Services Managers from Telecom Operators
  • Telecom Industry Fraternity
  • Senior representatives from Network Architecture/Platforms
  • Consultancies
  • Government/Regulatory/Association bodies
  • Systems Engineer, Software Developer
  • Content Providers/Applications Providers
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Third Party Payment Providers
  • Handset OEMs
  • Application Developers
  • SIM and Smart card Manufacturers

Why Should You Attend?

Mobile advertising, an area of mobile commerce, is a rapidly growing sector in this innovating Indian market providing brands, agencies and marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers beyond traditional and digital media directly on their mobile phones. Mobile advertising targets users of handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones which reaches the target customers anywhere anytime which helps in promoting the selling of products or services, and all the activities required to communicate with the customers are transferred through mobile devices combining with the customer's user profile and context situation. Advertising companies should provide the target customers exactly the advertisement information they desire, and not just "spam" them with irrelevant advertisements. 

Be ahead of the competition and hear how top notch leaders, ranging from marketers, creative agencies, media owners, telecoms embrace mobile and integrate mobile into their marketing mix effectively. Acquire tips to leverage mobile to enhance your position in the mobile value chain and maximise your marketing spend!

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