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About The Event

                                      Rama Group Presents


                        A new dimension to Leadership
               in Association with AISSMS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT

In a successful organization, leaders can be found at every level — from theboardroom to the mailroom, from the chairman’s office to the customer servicedesk. This is particularly true in organizations that have given up elaboratehierarchies in favour of a team-oriented approach to leadership and management.This workshop helps learners explore leadership from various points of view andthe individuals will discover more about their character, analysis style,accomplishments, and interactions as a leader.



How You Will BenefitLeaders come in many varieties, ranging from the charismatic visionaryto the unassuming team player. Followers can become leaders, and leaders canspend time as followers. Most leaders display several leadershipcharacteristics or “dimensions of leadership.” Mirchi Guruz isdesigned to strengthen your organization in three ways:

1.Discover what you value in yourself asa leader. You’ll better understand how you are likely to make use of aleadership opportunity. You’ll see how you contribute to your group’s successand find it easier to plan for your own development as a formal or informalleader.

2.Learn what kinds of leaders you want tofollow. Discover what you value in a leader and what kind of leadership youwant to support. The Celebrity Discussions offer valuable feedback to currentleaders, helping them see how others perceive their contribution.

3.Determine the dimensions of leadership toyour organization needs. Every organization is faced with unique challenges,each of which may require a different combination of leadership skills. Withthe insights gained, you can more purposefully recruit and encourage potentialleaders to contribute where needed.

What will be covered

. Explore leadership from three different points of view.
. Review broad aspects of leadership.
.Learn how you view 12 specific dimensions of leadership: enthusiasm, self-renwal, perception, performance, team building, inspiration, integrity, courage, judgement, problem solving, collaboration, and service.

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