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Mindless Parenting - is a journey to explore the needs, powers and potentialities experienced during childhood and how those ripple through life.
An open forum to query into the true nature of the role of a parent.
An account  of how ordi

Mindless parenting


  • Mindless Parenting

    Mindless Parenting - is a journey to explore the needs, powers, and potentialities experienced durin...g childhood and how those ripple through life.

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About The Event


Mindless Parenting - is a journey to explore the needs, powers and potentialities experienced during childhood and how those ripple through life.

An open forum to query into the true nature of the role of a parent.

An account  of how ordinary people can make extra ordinary choices and pave their own path.

Idea rich discussion based on everyday practical problems.

Tools and techniques to be emotionally intelligent as care givers and role models.


We have all been children. There is no secret to it. We know how it feels to be a child. We know what words, events, impressions and memories shaped us. We know the tender, precious space inside us. We have called it innocence. Let us return to it.

Secrets of childhood is a rediscovery of what it means to be human. What it means to grow up with or without dreams and demands. What it means to laugh, to cry and to shut down to the world. How do people born as brilliant as you lose themselves for years at a stretch? What happened to us along the way? We have all the answers to our concerns about child care and education. We just have to look deeper into ourselves.

Secrets of childhood will return you to yourself. You will be able to offer your stories, your insights, your wisdom and your humour to your children. Would that be nice? To be able to be real and engaged in a relationship with the little people in your life. Parenting and education is not what most of us think it is. What is it then ? You tell me! What it means to each one of us depends on who we are. Who are you? Who do you see yourself as? Your child is but a reflection of that. Not the person your child is but who you see your child as. A shift in perspective is change enough for you to like what you see in your life. So lets get closer and deeper into ourselves. What treasures lie hidden within that will bring unbounded joy and plenty of ease into your everyday interaction with your children.


Getting to know your parenting companion :-

Nausheen Ahmed an inspirational trainer who has worked closely with parents and teachers in the art of consciously evolving as parents and coaches. She has brought together more than a decade of research and direct experience to offer you this simple and profound workshop.

A proud and warm mother of three children, she sees them as her greatest teachers. Her approach to teaching children is basically that of learning to learn from them. Something that has brought her great joy and untold peace. This workshop is an invitation to those of you seeking that joy and peace that is very much possible.

Her rebellion as a child and rage as a teenager led her to work with children as a compassionate playmate rather than a learned teacher. Her ability to see children as companions on our human journey is both natural to her and amazing too. Rainbow was co-founded by her as an authentic montessori school in 2005. Simultaneously, she was engaged in several small and big projects for spreading the montessori word. She devised a lovely collection of tools for teaching the English language that caught the interest of many schools. Soon seminars were requested and trainings were organised. In 2010, she started envisioning a method more comprehensive than what they were experiencing at that time. New age children and the courageous life coaches weathered the changes and a beautiful vision emerged. It is now called Vision Rainbow and is a delightfully refreshing way of life.

Nausheen Ahmed is now co-creating Vision Rainbow - a new age method of real world education. It is a project that offers a world of possibility to the world of education and child care. She along with her amazing team wish for you to explore the method and bless it into reaching the millions.


The workshop curriculum is an offset of the new age method that is sure to benefit you in ways you have not yet imagined. There is no reason good enough to keep you from taking this journey. Hop on!

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It is about time we reveal to ourselves, the secrets we have been blaming and shaming each other for. Let us set ourselves free so we may offer a free space for our little loved ones to learn, grow, develop and thrive.


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