Book Online Tickets for Microsoft Tech Ed India 2011-  the large, Bengaluru. Microsoft Tech•Ed-India 2011 is the premier technical education and networking event for tech professionals interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms

Microsoft Tech Ed India 2011- the largest technology event at Bangalore between March 23 - 25, 2011


About The Event

Microsoft Tech•Ed-India 2011 is the premier technical education and networking event for tech professionals interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. 

This 3-day event will focus on technical education, product evaluation and community. The event will include: Keynotes by Senior Microsoft Executives, Breakout Sessions, Hands-on-Labs, Instructor-led Labs, Product Team Tents, Free Microsoft Certification, Community Programs, Solution Expo, and many more social gatherings and opportunities for networking everywhere you look. 

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Watch Out For The Track On 23rd - 24th March!
The NextWeb is upon us and this track brings you the latest from Microsoft Web platform. Get in-depth coverage on ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Server AppFabric. Whether you are interested in taking your ASP.NET development to the next level, or finding out how you can use your .NET development skills to build world-class web applications applications, the Next Web track is for you!
Watch Out For The Track On 23rd March!
The Windows Client track will offer insights into Windows 7 development. Key focus areas include a technical dive into Applications powered by the power of the Full PC - sensors, haptics and more. The Windows Client track will help you to prepare for the challenges and opportunities while building applications for your customers.

Watch Out For The Track On 23rd March!
TBD: SQL Dev., ADO.NET, Denali developer enhancements
Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
Want to know what's new in the .NET 4.0 runtime OR which Data Access Methods should I use where? Then this track is for you!

Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
Amplify your application development impact with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) best practices using Visual Studio Test Elements,and Team Foundation Server. Acquire the skills that you need to make an immediate impact in your organization while preparing for adoption of the latest version of Visual Studio.

Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
Now more than ever, your business needs access to the right information to make smarter, more informed decisions. This track covers how to integrate, analyze, and report on all of your corporate data easily using the Microsoft BI platform, tools, and analytics. Learn how to build robust BI solutions using SQL Server 2008 R2 (Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services) and get a sneak peek into SQL Server "Denali".

Watch Out For The Track On 25th March!
As amazing as the web is, its potential is immeasurably greater. Internet Explorer 9 was designed to let that potential shine through. Web developers & designers alike, get ready to creating a more beautiful web using HTML5 and IE9.

Watch Out For The Track On 25th March!
Deep-dive into individual Azure platform features (AppFabric, Virtual Connect, Storage, SQL Azure Data Sync)

Watch Out For The Track On 2th March!
SharePoint offers immense amount of potential for integrating applications, workflows, composite applications as well as Silverlight integration. And with Visual Studio 2010 support for designing, developing and deploying SharePoint applications, it gets even better!

Solutions that save time, reduce costs AND provide for an efficiently managed data center? Powerful features such as RemoteFX, DirectAccess, NAP and Windows PowerShell version 2.0 combine to give customers greater control, increased efficiency, and the ability to react to front-line business needs faster than ever before. Here is where you can update your knowledge, or focus on a specific technology or feature that will benefit you & your organization.

Watch Out For The Track On 23rd March!
Building a Private Cloud? Learn how Microsoft System Center Suite of products empower you with tools to build & manage your a unified IT management solution that enables simpler and efficiently performance across virtual and physical servers, PCs, hardware, software and IT services from a single console.
Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
SharePoint is the fastest selling server in Microsoft history. Attend this track to prepare yourself and your datacenter for SharePoint, learn how to plan for capacity, upgrade to SharePoint 2010 & how SharePoint will change your day!
Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of our most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of our desktop suite for businesses of all sizes. Tune into this track to learn more about Office 365 and prepare your journey to the Cloud.

Watch Out For The Track On 25th March!
The SQL Server data platform helps your organization manage any data, any place, any time with the security, reliability and scalability that your mission-critical applications require. In this track, we will introduce unique ways to monitor SQL Server health & activity as well as pushing the very limit of performance, scalability and upgrading to SQL Server 2008 R2. You will also get a sneak peek into what SQL Server "Denali" release offers for Database Administrators

Watch Out For The Track On 2th March!
Deploying Windows 7 & Office 2010, building base images, VDI, MDOP & Sysinternals tools
Watch Out For The Track On 23rd March!
 The focus for the track is to bring in uniqueness and offer niche topics. Focus here is to offer niche topics under Web, Middleware, Data & Cloud. We open the track with a role play that leads into individual sessions for the day
Watch Out For The Track On 24th March!
Using patterns & practices offerings, can shrink the design & dev cycle of your custom app dev projects, reduce project technical risk, and position you to take advantage of future Microsoft technologies. Each patterns & practices offering contains a combination of re-usable source code, a reference implementation & documentation! This track focuses on the latest guidance and offers an opportunity to interact with the PnP team

Watch Out For The Track On 25th March!
Sessions in this track are designed to help architects, to make better architecture choices–whether it's researching and evaluating new technology and platforms, choosing or creating patterns, guidelines and practices, concepts visualization or influencing and educating the business team. Learn about potential processes which you can use to translate business vision, intent, and strategy into effective technological change in the Enterprise. Hear great and renowned speakers share their views, best practices around the skills of creating, communicating, and improving the key tenets, principles, and models that help architects in their day to day life to understand and describe the Enterprise's future state and enable its transformation, evolution, or migration.

Watch Out For The Track On 23rd March!
Qi Lu
President, Online Services Division
As president of Microsoft's Online Services Division (OSD), Dr. Qi Lu leads the company's search and online advertising efforts. Dr. Lu oversees the OSD Research & Development team which has responsibility for the evolution of Microsoft's search, portal and advertising services; the Online Audience Business Group; and the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Business Group. Dr. Lu reports to Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Dr. Lu spent 10 years as a Yahoo! senior executive. His roles included serving as the executive vice president of engineering for the company's Search and Advertising Technology Group where he oversaw the development of Yahoo!'s Web search and monetization platforms and vice president of engineering responsible for the technology development of Yahoo!'s search, e-commerce and local listings of businesses and products. 

Before joining Yahoo!, Dr. Lu worked as a research staff member at IBM's Almaden Research Center and Carnegie Mellon University and was a faculty member at Fudan University in China. He received his bachelor of science and master of science in computer science from Fudan University and his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Lu holds 20 U.S. patents
Jason Zander
Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio
Jason Zander is the corporate vice president of the Visual Studio Team in the Developer Division at Microsoft. Zander's responsibilities include the Visual Studio family of products, which covers a range of technologies: programming languages; JavaScript runtime and tools; integrated development environment and ecosystem; Microsoft Office, SharePoint and cloud tooling integration; source control and work item tracking; and advanced architecture, developer, and testing tools.

As one of the original developers of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), Zander's primary technical areas of contribution include file formats, metadata, compilers, debugging and profiling, and integration of the system into key platforms such as operating systems and databases. Before joining the Visual Studio Team, Zander was the general manager for the .NET Framework Team. He has worked on numerous products at Microsoft, including the first several releases of the CLR and .NET Framework, Silverlight, SourceSafe, and ODBC. Before joining Microsoft in 1992, Zander worked at IBM Corp. on distributed SQL and SQL/400 at the Rochester lab.

Zander holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Minnesota State University. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his three children and making furniture in his shop.
Brian Hall
General Manager – Internet Explorer And Windows Live
Brian Hall is responsible for growing those 1B+ and 500M+ customer bases and building lasting partnerships with the world’s top web companies, network operators, and PC manufacturers. He has been in an earlier incarnation of this role since 2006. 

Hall has worked at Microsoft since 1995 in a variety of marketing and engineering positions. Previously, he started and helped build Windows Live OneCare, the industry’s first all-in-one PC care service. Hall led the worldwide launch of Windows XP and worked as a product manager on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Internet Explorer versions 3 through 5. For more than two years he served as the first speech assistant to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. 

Hall has a bachelor’s degree with majors in mathematics and economics as well as philosophy from Yale University, where he competed for four years as a diver on the varsity swim team and was the team captain and “high point” award winner his senior year. He is married, has three children, and gets outdoors time outdoors.


Bharat Shyam
General Manager – Windows Azure Developer Platform
Bharat Shyam is the General Manager of the Windows Azure Developer Platform team and is also responsible for overall planning of Windows Azure. He has worked in a variety of roles within Microsoft in the past two decades including on Internet Explorer, various online services and Windows. He has studied Computer Science at Stanford and IIT, Bombay

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