Mentoring and Coaching - Targeting Talent development for Organization building - 5-7th Oct 2010 - Hyderabad

Mentoring and Coaching - Targeting Talent development for Organization building - 5-7th Oct 2010 - Hyderabad


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About The Event

Faculty : Prof. S Prabakar Kamath   

“People who like this sort of thing will find this sort of thing they like.“ – Abraham Lincoln

Rationale :

Many organisations are finding it possible to generate Money, Market, Material and off-late finding Manpower to be the stumbling block in their dream for high paced growth. This leaves them with a question how to get competent people in the shortest time. Whilst lateral hiring is indeed been resorted to, yet blending people to the organizational needs and styles remains a challenge. Many skilled managers though may be willing, intellectually sharp, yet find themselves at a handicap in terms of developing their direct reports. Though it is known from age immemorial that Mentoring coaching is an important people development model to overcome this. The willing managers need to take out some time to learn this skill and practice them as an ongoing habit. A skill that is highly required and of use to the organization but put into the back burner, may be for want of time/priority, in terms of focus.

The program on Mentoring & Coaching has been conceived to facilitate this need of organizations. The program would immensely benefit those responsible persons who manage large number of people and have the need to create more replica of their skills to meet the ever increasing people crisis. The participants will be provided with a model that is practical and workable in their job context.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the program participants will be able to:

1. Understand the concept of Mentoring & Coaching.
2. Demonstrate appreciation for M&C initiatives in the organization.
3. Develop / Sharpen skills to Coach and Mentor people and pass on their skills /expertise to the receivers in the most effectiveness

Organization through their trained personnel will be able to facilitate implementation of Mentoring Coaching initiatives effectively. The program will focus on creating awareness to the importance of Mentoring & Coaching process. It will enable the participants to practice the process with more focus and enable learning capabilities in protégé’s rather than allowing development to happen through some resource persons.


The program would be entirely based on interactive adult learning process. Simulation, role play, instrument, case studies and experiential learning be supplemented by concept building lectures.
Reading materials and tools shall also be used to facilitate learning.

Program Structure:
Session 1

Introduction and agenda building

All managers over a period pick up some ideas about what they need to do for developing their people and the increase need for doing the same.  This session would clarify and give deeper insight into the details of enabling learning and finer process differences between methodologies and the related impact on the receivers. The session would also arrive at an agenda, for the next session, to address and bring out certain live issues simmering in the minds of participants, to work during the program in other words an online customization.
Differentiate Teaching, Training, Coaching and Mentoring?
What are the finer borderline between the above four processes?
What justifies the need for mentoring and coaching for organizations?

Session II & III

The participants will acquire conceptual understanding about Mentoring and Coaching and process flow of a Mentoring coaching initiative. How to put such an initiative to practice in an organization.
1.Objectives of Mentoring & Coaching
2.Limitation of other alternate techniques used & the impact of M&C
3.Process and Structure of M & C
4.How to implement Mentoring Coaching in an on going organization

Session IV

This session will build the requisite skills to enable practice of coaching process. This will include the concept of varieties of questioning techniques, appropriate use of the same in context, identifying the area for improvement and partnering the learner in the learning journey.

Session V

Practicing the skill under the supervision of the faculty to hone the skills for implementation and practice in work situations.
1. Feedback and analysis
2.Certain frequently asked questions by the participants
3.Certain frequently asked questions by the business role holders

Program facilitator :

Mr.. S Prabakar Kamath
has been an active HR professional since 1977 working intensively in HRD activities, Industrial Relations, Training, HR System Formulation, HRIS and Labour Laws. He has held senior positions in the leading corporates like Ashok Leyland Ltd, Eicher Group, Ballarpur Industries and Caltex. Having qualified in HR and personal management with additional qualification in training and law, He is an excellent facilitator backed by a deep conceptual and practical knowledge in the HR functions and is familiar with morden concepts / tools. Competencies and Employee Relations in his forte – Subjects on which he constantly does research.

A Life Member of National HRD Network, ISABS and ISTD and a visiting faculty to premier business schools in India and a broad.  He is now involved in training and HR interventions for corporates in his own capacity in the name and style of P3 HR solutions based out of Delhi.
1.Ever felt your organizations having too much of talent pool and still facing churn?
2.Ever found your people development journey is not contemporary and up to date?
3.Ever found your people development has always been given less focus/time?

Have you...
Ever felt your organizations having too much of talent pool and still facing churn?
2. Ever found your people development journey is not contemporary and up to date?
3. Ever found your people development has always been given less focus/time?

To make sure your talent pool development is effective not just efficient

1. Rs. 24,000 /- plus service tax (service tax currently @ 10.3 %) for Residential participants
2. 19,500 /- plus service tax for Non-Residential Participants.

10% of discount can be availed by organization for 3 or more nominations.
Nominations received on or before 18th September 2010, can avail another concession of Rs.1000/- per participant.

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