Meeting the Cyber Crime Challenge through Capacity Building

Meeting the Cyber Crime Challenge through Capacity Building


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About The Event


Cybercrimes in the country are on the rise as is evident from the number of cases that are reported in the media. The number of compromised records in the last few years is in excess of 900 million globally. Cybercrimes can have far reaching impacts including disruption of critical infrastructure, financial frauds and data breaches, amongst other. The huge pay offs that cybercrimes offer at a minimal cost, coupled with no constraints of geographical boundaries, has added to the rapidly increasing instances of such crimes.

NASSCOM® and Data Security Council of India (DSCI) have a major stake in the handling of cybercrimes, because any security breaches of IT and BPO companies result in damage to India’s image as a secure global sourcing partner of companies around the world. While the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 provides a sound legal framework for the provision, apprehension of prosecution cybercriminals, it is the lack of trained police officers in different parts of the country that is hampering the timely and effective prosecution of cybercrimes.

It is with a view to train police officers in the cyber forensics, which includes gathering appropriate evidence and presenting it in a manner that is acceptable to courts of law, that NASSCOM® established Cyber Labs in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Thane, which are now being operated by DSCI. The cyber forensics progress has been taken further by the establishment of Cyber Labs at Chennai and Hyderabad, and with the support of Department of Information and Technology, this is being further expanded to Haryana and Kolkata.

To standardize the operating procedures for cyber crime investigation, DSCI has prepared Cyber Crime Investigation Manual which is based on its experience of operating the Cyber Labs and working with the police in handling many of the cybercrimes over the last few years. This manual is proposed to be distributed to all the Police Stations across the country, to help officers collect the cyber forensics data and prosecute cybercriminals under the appropriate Sections of the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008, IPC etc.

DSCI would be releasing this manual on 7th March 2011. The events of the day will include sessions on cyber forensic procedures, elaboration on the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 and IPC sections applicable in various cases, and suggested security measures that organizations can implement.

Who should attend?


  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Security Product Vendors
  • Cyber Forensics Experts

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