Book Online Tickets for Meet the 7th Best Sales Guru in the Worl, Mumbai. Don\\\'t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet ,Bob Urichuck, the 7th Best Sales Guru in the World (  ) brought to you by Right Selection and Dharmendra Rai !
Bob is also the author of bes

Meet the 7th Best Sales Guru in the World !


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About The Event

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet ,Bob Urichuck, the 7th Best Sales Guru in the World (  ) brought to you by Right Selection and Dharmendra Rai !

Bob is also the author of best selling books like Up Your Bottom Line, Featuring the ABC, 123 Sales Results System

Bob is a globally sought after Sales Speaker and Velocity Selling Expert. Bob's topics include sales, motivation, leadership, and team skills. He has spoken in over 1000 cities, in over 30 countries and to audiences from over 1,200 organizations worldwide.

In India his clients have included Reliance Broadcast Network, Ceat, HP, Thomas Cook, TNT,Airtel, Siemens and Raheja Corp

Bob travels the world to work with clients in business, government, crown corporations, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, learning institutions and professional associations. His clients span from Canada, the United States, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, France, Switzerland, and many others. He has also received significant global media attention. For his client list see

He engages the participants in self discovery techniques and always recognizes and rewards them. From the onset, participants appreciate the training process and take ownership of the outcome. Participants actively learn while enjoying a rare combination of fun, humour and reward.

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Who MUST attend !

Anybody who wants to understand sales and how to excel in it,CEOs, Heads of Sales and Marketing, Sales Managers among other 

Details of full day seminars

This high impact seminar will show your team How to Execute the Disiciplines of Attracting, Engaging and Empowering the Velocity Selling Cycle to Up Your Bottom Line

The "Buyer Focussed" Velocity Selling System


Effective sales outcomes ultimately result from a combination of both innate talent and learned capabilities

A Attitude : Belief from Within

1 Attitude towards YOU

2 Attitude towards Your Organisation

3 Attitude towards Your Buyers

B Behaviour : Your Bottom Line

1 Behaviour towards Yourself

2 Behaviour towards Your Organisation

3 Behaviour towards Your Buyers

C Competencies : " Buyer Focused " Velocity Selling System

1 Building Relationships

A Rapport Building

B Questioning

C Listening

2 Qualifying Opportunities

A Setting Parameters

B Qualifying Buyers

C Summarizing

3 Prescribing Solutions

A Presentations

B Letting the Buyer Buy

C Buyer Relationships

D Disciplines : Doing What You Have to Do

1 Discipline towards Yourself

2 Discipline towards Organisation

3 Discipline towards Buyers


In order to succeed in sales you need to do the opposite of selling. You must attract, engage and empower buyers to buy. Without buyers there are no sales. Bottom line: no sales, no revenue. Sales now revolve around buyers.

Buyers are everywhere. What are you doing to help them buy?

The “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System is a sales process based on a “Return on time Invested” (R.O.T.I.) formula. Learn how to maximize time and achieve measurable results such as buyer attraction and qualification.

If the prospect is qualified, then it is time to empower the buyer to buy,

increase the velocity of your selling cycle, increase your margins, improve revenues

and ultimately Up Your Bottom Line.


The “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System is not a quick fix. It’s not about

better sales techniques and tricks to manipulate a prospect. It requires a

different mindset, not only for the salesperson but for their management as well.

The New Economy of Selling is About Buyers. The “Buyer Focused” Velocity

SellingTM system ensures your sales team is engaged in a step-by-step



Registration and breakfast : 9 - 9.30 am.

Identity proof mandatory

Training starts : 9.30 am

Stops : Between 4.30 and 5.30 pm


Details of the full day seminar - Bangalore

Tuesday, 10th May, 2011 at Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore - 560 008


Rs 14,997 + Service Tax ( 10.30 % ) per seat 

For a group of between 4 and 7 : Rs 13,497 + Service Tax ( 10.30 % ) per seat 

For a group of 8 and above : Rs 11,997 + Service Tax ( 10.30 % ) per seat  


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ute the Disciplines of

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