MaynardLeigh Theatre based Open workshop-Personal Impact

MaynardLeigh Theatre based Open workshop-Personal Impact


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About The Event

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. How you enter a room, come across, shake hands, dress or express yourself can significantly affect whether you influence or convince others. It’s even more important to make a lasting impression, by getting your message across, and creating the right personal chemistry with the audience, whether to one person or a small group. The course builds internal confidence to tackle situations such as selling products or services to individuals, chairing and participating in meetings, interviews, appraisals and briefings, as well as business social functions.This course is about how to approach and conduct informal presentations and encounters - to make sure that you establish a productive working relationship and get your message across with impact.

We’ve probably all had the experience of coming away from a meeting or interview with someone and feeling somewhat uplifted and enlivened. We often attribute the success of the encounter to the other person - “they made an impact on us, a favourable impression.” We may even go further and say the person has something special, ‘is it charisma?’ we wonder. Some years ago, a well-known human potential workshop dished out the aphorism, “if you want to be interesting, be interested.” It certainly seems a useful place to start, instead of waiting for the world to somehow discover our wonderfulness. This is why a starting point for our Personal Impact course is around the idea “if you want to gain attention - be attentive.” The rest is practising chemistry.

Through this workshop; you will be able to


· Assess the effects of your appearance

· Use and be more aware of body language

· Understand how best to use your own communication style

· Clarify and deliver your message

· End encounters positively


· Better equipped to handle small group situations

· More to what happens in a small group

· Ready to convey both confidence and conviction

· More sensitive to others and their communication needs


· Convey quality in your personal message

· Give effective briefings

· Chair and participate in meetings

· Deal with business and social occasions

· Create personal chemistry and rapport


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