Managerial Effectiveness & Stress Management Workshop at the Taj Deccan Hotel on 27th May (Friday) 2011 by Mr. Dipankar

Managerial Effectiveness & Stress Management Workshop at the Taj Deccan Hotel on 27th May (Friday) 2011 by Mr. Dipankar



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About The Event

One of the most significant aspects of 21st century manpower has been high rate of stress and burnout. We study everything but we don’t study about ourselves.  An understanding of you alone can help you to deal with other people and circumstances in a better way.  When you are dealing with a client/ colleague/ boss/ junior or life partner, sometimes you find yourself feeling frustrated, perhaps you need to know why?  

One of the main reasons why a manager gets stressed if the job delegated to the subordinate is not completed in time and the productivity is not up to the expectation.  In most cases manager blames the subordinates.  Though the fault is in every one of us, but no one likes to be blamed and commanded by others. If you can communicate without blaming others, you can achieve better results in both personal life and professional life.

You can have the greatest ideas in the world, but they are of no good to your company, or your career, if you can’t express them clearly and persuasively. We communicate on the basis of our values, beliefs, thoughts and knowledge on the subject. It’s not what you communicate but how you communicate plays the major role in every relationship. The Programme has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the present fast changing corporate scenario to cope up with the current needs. Our training programmes are totally experiential with lots of role plays, games and individual exercises.

We will be accommodating only 20 participants for effectiveness of the programme. Please book your seat in advance. Last programme seats were all sold out in advance.

Participation Fee is Rs. 2900/- Per Head.

You can also organise an in-house workshop exclusively for your organisation and we can customise the programme for your employees only.  Please visit us at You can also watch workshop video in the link


Mr. Dipankar is considered to be one of the best corporate trainers in India; imparting training on Leadership Skills Development, Stress Management, Interpersonal Relationship, Effective Communication for Leadership, Time Management, Team Building, Self-confidence Building and Professional Selling Skills development for more than 11 years in India and Australia. His experiences have been recorded in his book “9 Secrets, the Ultimate Success Strategies”, one of the best sellers in the corporate.

So far he has trained and coached MDs, doctors, scientists, professors, corporate trainers, corporate advisors, managers and employees of most of the MNCs in personal individual sessions and group workshops with more than expected result. He specialises in Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership Skills Development, Public Speaking and Selling Strategies. 

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