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With more than 635 million mobile subscribers across the country, and over $22.9 billion spent on 3G and BWA licenses this year, Indian mobile operators are now preparing to invest an estimated $6 billio

MOBILE BROADBAND SUMMIT & EXPO 2011-Delhi 1st & 2nd June 2011


About The Event


With more than 635 million mobile subscribers across the country, and over $22.9 billion spent on 3G and BWA licenses this year, Indian mobile operators are now preparing to invest an estimated $6 billion in infrastructure upgrades and support to drive their mobile broadband strategies forward.
Against this back drop of subscriber growth, infrastructure investment, and service and application development, Light Reading is pleased to bring you this 2nd Annual Mobile Broadband Summit & Expo 2011. Leveraging the valuable feedback we received from last year's attendees, we have revised and refreshed the agenda to bridge global technology trends with the specific business needs of the Indian mobile broadband market.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to gain both global and local insights into the potential of:
Mobile radio access technologies including 3G HSPA+, LTE and Mobile WiMAXMobile backhaul and transport networks including Ethernet optical fiber and packet radioApp Stores, Value-added Service and IP-based multimedia and content delivery platformsMobile IP packet core, policy control engines, content caching, DPI software, Internet traffic offload, and real-time transaction-based charging and monetization solutionsDrawing on extensive Heavy Reading and Pyramid Research analysis of both technology trends and service provider plans, our three conference hosts, Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst - Heavy Reading and Daniel Yu, Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific, Pyramid Research will provide qualified attendees from among India's mobile operator communities with an exclusive and intensive assessment of how mobile services can be enhanced to improve ARPU, ROI, and churn, and what the underlying technologies are that can help this to happen.


08:30 Registration and refreshments   

09:00 Welcome Address and Introduction  Gagandeep Kaur, India Editor, Light ReadingBerge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy Reading   

09:30 Regulatory Keynote: National broadband policy driving mobile broadband development  Senior representative, DoT  This presentation will be given by a senior government representative and will clarify how the National Broadband Policy can be leveraged by industry to develop lucrative new services and revenue opportunities. The focus will be on network strategies that will monetise the rural broadband opportunity. The government’s position on technology choice and future 3G and 4G spectrum allocation policies will also be clarified. Delegates will get the opportunity to pose questions around new avenues for developing the policy to ensure a more rapid return on the rural broadband opportunity.   

09:50 Issue-Oriented Panel: Cost-effective 3G network infrastructure strategies to support the rapid rollout of mobile broadband services in India  Moderator:Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy ReadingAbhay Savargaonkar, CTO, AirtelArvind Pandey, VP-Planning, Idea CellularVipin Tyagi, Director, C-DOTAshok Chandra, Wireless Advisor DoT Sanjay Rohatgi, SP India Operations Sales, Cisco  This session will evaluate a range of 3G infrastructure technologies in terms of their functionality and durability, after-sale service and support, cost-effectiveness and other business benefits. The focus will be on how operators need to plan and implement as well as integrate with backhaul, network management and operational support systems, to ensure speed to market and competitive advantage in the mobile broadband race.   

10:40 Morning refreshments and networking   

10:55 Indian Operator Keynote Presentation: Assessment and outlook for mobile broadband in India  This senior executive from India’s leading mobile operator will assess the first year and discuss the outlook for 3G and broadband wireless access in India. This session will also address the role ahead for mobile broadband in the Indian telecom industry as a leader in emerging high-growth markets worldwide.   

11:15 Analyst Presentation: Establishing a backhaul network strategy to ensure cost-effective coverage, capacity and reliability across rural and urban areas  Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading  This session will provide Heavy Reading’s outlook on how mobile carriers around the world are progressing in deploying new packet backhaul services out to the cell site and how that compares with the progress of Indian carriers. Hear insights into TDM to packet backhaul and finding the right inflexion point for the transition. Discover high capacity alternatives to fibre and explore the new backhaul challenges associated with LTE and how leading operators are addressing them.   

11:35 Sponsor Presentations: Seamless TDM to packet evolution strategies for the backhaul network  HuaweiTejas Network  Three leading providers will present their solutions for supporting unprecedented volumes of 2G, 3G and 4G voice and data traffic over the mobile network. Presentations will explore whether hybrid TDM/packet models are best suited to the Indian market or whether Indian carriers should evolve to pure packet backhaul straight away. Gain insights into how much bandwidth is really required to a 3G cell site and what the best way of delivering that across different regions is. Also hear discussion on how much Indian carriers stand to gain from combining Metro Ethernet deployments for fixed and mobile access networks and from extending models of network sharing.   

12:20 Question and answer session   

12:35 Lunch and networking   

13:50 Industry Overview: Driving inclusive growth through mobile internet  Yogesh Malik, Executive Vice President, Operations, Uninor   

14:00 Sponsor Presentations: The unique new challenges of evolving the backhaul for LTE  These two presentations will determine to what extent LTE imposes new requirements on the backhaul network in terms of capacity, architecture and protocols supported. Hear whether the X2 interface, phase synchronisation, IPsec and other features of the LTE standard are required from launch of LTE services and if they can be deployed a year or two after launch or if they are perhaps not required at all. Also discover if the needs of 2G, 3G and 4G are all different and how the backhaul network can be optimised for all three.   

14:30 Question and answer session   

14:40 Issue-Oriented Panel: Establishing the market drivers, consumer demand levels and service opportunities to maximise mobile broadband revenues in India  Moderator:Berge Avyazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy ReadingPrashant Gokarn, Head 3G, Reliance CommunicationsDeepak Gulati, President 3G, Tata TeleservicesDeval Parikh, Head VAS, Virgin MobilesSenior representative, Tata Teleservices  In this presentation our analyst will evaluate how the mobile broadband market in India is likely to evolve in the next two to five years. Key to success will be the ability to ramp up PC penetration levels and broadband connectivity through technology, economic and consumer behaviour factors. The panel will offer a review of government policy to support broadband in India in light of globalisation, as well as analysis of user trends and demand levels for both consumer and enterprise offerings. Time frames and opportunities for driving premium services to maximise ARPU and secure commercial success will also be discussed.   

15:30 Afternoon break and networking   

15:45 Analyst Presentation: Packet core is key to the cost-effective migration from 3G to 4G LTE  Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy Reading  This presentation will provide Heavy Reading’s perspective on the key role of packet core in the 4G all-IP architecture and service delivery ecosystem. The focus is on the key considerations in selecting the optimal technology configuration for the roll-out of 3G and BWA mobile broadband services. Gain insights into balancing the need for speedy deployment with investing in the optimal technology to ensure long-term competitive advantage. Hear evaluations of end-to-end LTE network solutions,managed services versus best-of-breed base stations, EPC and packet backhaul.   

16:05 Sponsor Presentations: Packet core and service platforms  The three presenters will provide guidance on prudent deployment and optimisation strategies for packet core and EPC supporting HSAP+ and all-IP 4G mobile networks. Session leaders will justify the investment in advanced 3G- and 4G-ready EPC and service platforms, and discuss how to plan out and implement your 3G packet core to ensure continually high quality of service at low investment levels. The role of packet core in effectively integrating 3G networks with backhaul, network and policy management and operational support systems, will also be explored.   

16:50 Question and answer session   

17:05 Issue-Oriented Panel: New partnership models for mobile broadband applications and services  Moderator:Berge Avyazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy ReadingRajat Mukharji, Vice President - Corporate Affairs, Idea Cellular Sunzay Passari, VP- VAS, BPL Communications  This session will review existing partnership models between mobile operators and application developers and identify innovative new winwin models that will drive commercial success further and faster. An assessment of the current IPR framework and how it must be developed to protect the interests of application owners will also be made.   

17:55 Cocktail reception and exhibition   


08:30 Registration and refreshments   

09:00 Welcome Back   

09:15 Operator Keynote Presentation  Gurdeep Singh, COO, Aircel   

09:45 Analyst Presentation: Network and policy management strategies to maximise mobile broadband quality of service (QoS)  Berge Ayvazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy Reading  This session will discuss how mobile broadband operators need to utilise network and policy management to meet the QoS and on-demand transaction handling requirements of 4G business models. To unleash the full revenue potential of 4G which will catalyse explosion of innovative services, it is critical for operators to invest in real-time transaction management solutions which work in close proximity with policy management and DPI solutions.   

10:05 Sponsor Presentations: IT solutions, network and policy management     Policy management for mobile network optimisation  A major policy management provider will discuss the need for policy management in mobile broadband networks and opportunities for mobile operators to establish a clear policy management strategy to maximise QoS in IP-based mobile broadband networks.     Strategic solutions for optimising the mobile customer experience  A global systems integrator will present their business transformation solutions to enhance the customer experience and manage churn for mobile operators implementing Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and offering new 3G services in the highly competitive and converging Indian mobile, broadband and media industries.     Managing mobile broadband network operations  A global provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions will present its portfolio of network management and IT transformation solutions designed to drive significant operational efficiencies as Indian operators plan their advanced 3G- and 4G-ready networks to support new mobile internet devices and applications.   

10:50 Question and answer session   

10:05 Morning break and networking   

11:20 Issue-Oriented Panel: Developing high-impact mobile broadband services  Moderator:Berge Avyazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy ReadingArvind Pandey, Vice President - Planning, Idea CellularSandeep Sahwney, Head Innovations, AircelSenior representative, Huawei  In this session our panelists will discuss the opportunities that lie ahead in developing killer applications to drive mobile broadband take-up amongst both urban and rural users specifically in the Indian market. The panel will give an analysis of consumer lifestyle trends and how these translate into future application and service needs. The potential of key services such as m-commerce, m-banking, m-health and m-education will be clarified, and benchmarked with entertainment applications and services. Solutions to the multilingual challenge across the country will be provided with a focus on driving innovation and premiumisation of services. Finally we will discuss how appropriate tariff schemes will need to be devised to strike a balance between volume take-up and healthy ARPU.   

12:10 Analyst Presentation: Mobile broadband trends in Asia Pacific and pricing strategy  Daniel Yu, Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific, Pyramid Research   This presentation will focus on the mobile broadband trends in the Asia Pacific region and the growth path of emerging and developed markets. It will present Pyramid research to help India’s operators discover the critical role mobile broadband has played in rural and urban areas throughout the region and identify optimal tariff plans and mobile broadband pricing to accelerate user adoption. This session will also explore the positive impact of bundling strategies to ensure mass take-up of premium services and how to prioritise mobile broadband applications and service development to support the needs of the Indian market.   

12:45 Lunch, networking and exhibition   

14:00 Operator Keynote Presentation   

14:20 Analyst Presentation: Mobile broadband network security strategy  Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading  The transition to a data-oriented rather than a voice-oriented traffic model creates new security challenges for mobile operators. This presentation will share Heavy Reading research on emerging mobile network security challenges covering applications, handsets and infrastructure and will detail the new security guidelines for consumers, operators and vendors that are required in the new 3G and 4G network environments.   

15:05 Sponsor Presentations: Mobile network security in the mobile broadband era  The three session leaders will evaluate the suitability of the existing TRAI and DoT guidelines on mobile network security, and how to get the best security features from network infrastructure vendors. The presentations will also examine best practice security for mobile operators and their end users.   

15:50 Question and answer session   

16:05 Issue-Oriented Panel: Identifying high-value enterprise-based mobile broadband services that cater to the needs of Indian enterprise users  Moderator:Berge Avyazian, Senior Consultant, Heavy ReadingVinod Kamat, Vice President - IT, Vodafone EssarChandan Ghosh, Enterprise Head, Aircel Senior representative, Bharti Airtel  In this session our analyst will provide an overview of the opportunities that lie in the priority enterprise user segments for mobile broadband services such as manufacturing, financial, healthcare and retail. Cloud services will be assessed for the potential to drive operational and costefficiency in the enterprise space. The service levels required and tariff plans appropriate to ensure customer satisfaction and lock in loyalty will also be scrutinised.   

17:00 Wrap-up and conclusions


  • Senior IT/telecom technology decision makers from cellular/mobile companies [e.g. CIO/CTO, VP IT, Head Network Infrastructure etc]
  • IT/telecom management teams from Cellular/mobile companies
  • Functional heads from cellular/mobile companies [e.g. Chief Marketing Officer, Head – VAS, Head – OSS and Billing, Chief Strategy Officer, Head Business Development etc]
  • Senior decision makers from Department of Telecom [DoT], Ministry of Communications and IT [MoCIT], Centre for Development of Telematics [CDOT] etc.
  • Regulatory bodies like Telecom Regulatory Authority of India [TRAI], Cellular Operators Association of India [COAI], Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association [TEMA] etc.
  • Industry bodies [CII]; & Consulting Firms.   

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