Book Online Tickets for MIND MAP Open 8 by D Rai !, Mumbai. MIND MAP Open 8 ! Yes this is the 8th MIND MAP Open seminar in Mumbai in less than a year !
MIND MAPS have helped an estimated 500 million people in Sales,Marketing,HR Management, Compliance, Negotiations,Training, Recruitment, Project Management, S

MIND MAP Open 8 by D Rai !


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About The Event

MIND MAP Open 8 ! Yes this is the 8th MIND MAP Open seminar in Mumbai in less than a year !

MIND MAPS have helped an estimated 500 million people in Sales,Marketing,HR Management, Compliance, Negotiations,Training, Recruitment, Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Operations, Risk Control, Learning, Revising, Concentrating et al irrespective of their designation,age and industry, since 1974 !

Have been used by Boeing, Merrill Lynch,Intel,Toyota, IBM, Reuters, Walt Disney, BP, Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Google, Rolls Royce

Have been praised by Bill Gates and used by John Sculley, Al Gore, Nicky Oppenheimer, Michael Jackson, Deepak Chopra

Have spawned over 200 million pages of reference, have been seen on TV by over a billion people and have reached nearly half the planet's population through radio and press


A MIND MAP is a thinking tool that reflects externally what goes on inside your head. It is like a Swiss Army knife for the brain. Anything you may want to do in terms of thinking, contemplation, cognition,remembering, creating,it is the ideal tool for that


Tony Buzan - the world's leading authority on the brain and learning. Author of over 100 books


MIND MAPS have infinite applications for business, education and self development . Whatever your are doing, you can do better with a mind map. Some functions that can be improved massively are planning, organising, creating, presenting, problem solving, communicating, strategic thinking, project management, operations, HR Management, learning, teaching, creativity, memory enhancement and revising

Companies / schools / organisations using MIND MAPS

Among others, Merrill Lynch,Microsoft,IBM,Intel,Vodafone, Reuters,BP,Walt Disney, Rolls Royce,Google, Proctor and Gamble, Oxford University Press, UN and Save The Children

Elaborate list

Individuals using / approving MIND MAPS

Among others, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Deepak Chopra,Nicky Oppenheimer and Michael Jackson



DHARMENDRA RAI Mumbai's First & Only Licensed MIND MAP Trainer

Trained by Tony Buzan himself !

MIND MAP seminars done for IIT alumni, IIM alumni, Executives of Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Datamatics, Sharekhan, Edelweiss, Parag Parikh Financial Services, Deutsch Bank, Capgemini, Pearson Education, British Petroleum, IL&FS group companies

Has trained over 11,000 NSE and BSE members and investors, ( trained more people in ETFs and Indexing than any other independent trainer in the world ) on ETFs and Indexing

Member of Mensa International – an International High IQ society

Attended a Lateral Thinking seminar by Edward de Bono himself !

An Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner


Discover how MIND MAPS could enhance your creativity between 50 - 500 % IMMEDIATELY .

Discover how MIND MAPS demonstrate that we are all unique and how to tap that uniqueness

Whole brain thinking and how is it enhanced dramatically with MIND MAPS

About MIND MAPS from Tony Buzan - the inventor himself !


Practicing making a MIND MAP with expert guidance and feedback

The power of visual thinking explained

The " I can't draw " myth, exploded

Various uses of MIND MAPS for business, education and self development


Learning to learn formula

( Programme content subject to refinement without notice )

Who MUST attend

Anybody who wants to understand how the brain works and how to maximise his brain's potential. Businessmen, employees, educationists, professionals,parents and students above the age of 14


Registration and breakfast : 9 - 9.30 am.

Identity proof mandatory

Training starts : 9.30 am

Stops : Between 4.30 and 5.30 pm

Date : Saturday, 30th April, 2011


The most beautiful club in Mumbai !

The Club

197, D.N. Nagar, Andheri ( West ), Mumbai- 400 053 (91-22) 66939999 (91-22) 66919081

How to get there


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING @ Rs 5,000 per seat. A similar seminar in the US would cost Rs 23,000 + FAT ( Food, acco and transport ) The price includes the cost of the training, course material, breakfast, a sumptuous lunch and 2 snacks sessions

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : If you are not satisfied with the seminar within 2 hours of its starting, you are free to leave. The course material remains with you, all costs are deducted and the remaining fees would be despatched to you within 7 working days or adjusted in another training programme as per your choice

FREE Lifetime E mail query resolution on a best effort basis, for all participants of the seminar !

FREE Transferability : You may nominate someone else in your place if you are unable to attend. Nominations must be intimated by e mail only, at least 24 hours before the seminar

FREE Flip Facility : In case you have paid and are not able to attend and wish to come to a future programme, you may do so without any further charges. And yes there is a scientific reason behind the use of so much colour in this mail !

Seats filling fast ! Book NOW to avoid disappointment !

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