Liver Flush, Accupunture, Detox, Kidney Flush by Global Expert Andres Lokuta

Liver Flush, Accupunture, Detox, Kidney Flush by Global Expert Andres Lokuta


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About The Event

Looking for Few Kgs Weight Loss? Some Inch Loss?Are you looking for Better Health? Have you been Socializing a Lot? Too many late Nights? Lack of Exercise Routine? Sleep issues? Constant Body Pains and Aches? Lack of Virility? Sluggish Metabolism? Water retention? Arthritis? Love Handles? Fatty Liver? Diabetes?

These are some of the Many issues which can be addressed in 30 Minutes within a Week! Knowing the Truth that, our body has an inherent ability to recuperate when provided a right environment, our Upcoming Detox, Liver Flush, Kidney Flush, Accupunture Program is one of the Better Programs to restore that 'Right" enviroment for your Body to recuperate.

In this program starting 14th March Andres Lokuta The Global Expert in Energy Medicines and Holistic approaches who is also a Doctor in Chinese Medicines will access your Body's needs, understand your Health status and work out a Week Long routine to make you draw the maximum Health benefits and address your Issues.

Is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach using Painless, Sterile, Disposable Needles on the Energy Meridians to correct Health issues like Back Pain to Arthritis, Skin Problems, Water retention release toxins and for Overall Health.

A Periodic Detox helps in improving the Health of Your Organs, Restore the harmony in the Body, Release Toxins like Lead, Chlorides, Fluorides etc added through Junk Food, Pollution Leads to Better Metabolism, Vitality & Energy along with few Kgs of Weight loss.

Liver Flush
It is a Two Days Process post the 5 Days Detox which prepares Our body to Undergo Liver Flush. A Liver Flush helps in removing the deposits of Bile Juice on the walls of Liver over the time. This left over bile juice is what leads to Gall Stones eventually! During the Liver Flush one could physically See these bile juice stones coming out of the body.
Liver Flush process strengthens our Liver and due to effective Liver Functioning we have proper digestion and absorption of Nutrition while a Good Functioning Liver breaks the Fatty Acids & Protiens leading to Less of Fat accumulation in the body.
Thus along with various Health benefits, Liver Flush helps in controlling and managing Weight loss while improving the Skin quality.

Kidney Flush
It is a process of Detoxifying Kidneys through intake of Special Natural formulations. The Kidney Flush helps in release of excess Stored up Urea and thus improving the Blood purification Process - One of the Main jobs of Kidney in our Body.

Note : For all the Above programs you are required to Invest Only 30 Minutes a Day and all programs which Includes 

Food: Ready to Eat Special Diets are been given by us. 

Time: You need to book your 30 Minutes Time Slot between 9:00am-8:00pm.
Acupuncture - Rs.2999 for Single Session, For 5 Sessions Its. Rs.11500.

Detox - 5 Days , All Three Meals & Daily Acupuncture Sessions - Rs.15999.

Liver Flush- 5 Days Detox + Liver Flush Kit - Rs.19999.

Kidney Flush - Detox + Kidney Flush Kit - Rs. 21000.


About Andres Lokuta


Andres Lokuta a Spanish by Nationality is a Chinese Medicine Doctor. A Chiropath and Accupunturist Andres has an Extensive Experience of More than 15 Years in Various Parts of The Globe treating and Helping people address Various Health issues.


Based on Wholesome Medicine Approach Andres have helped 100s of People related to Arthritis, Ecezma, Spondiloisis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Back Pain, Digestion Issues to Name few.


In this Week Long visit Andres will be administering and taking People to address their Health conditions for Optimum Health. In Past many people have benefitted from Weightloss, Inch loss, Arthiritis, Digestion issues, Skin Problems Low Metabolism, Lack of Energy, Virility, Fatty Liver to Name few.


He uses techniques based on Accupunutre, Naturaopathy, Body Mechanics, Chinese Medicines combined with the Modern Day easy to do approach.



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