Life Beyond Work Social Series

Life Beyond Work Social Series


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What is the New Delhi NCR Golf Meet Up? 
The New Delhi NCR Golf Meet Up is a really a great way of networking and enjoying the company of professionals outside the confines of office. It is a growing community of avid golfers and non-golfers who meet every weekend at the Qutub Golf Course (for now; we’ll be changing the venue to get an orientation of other venues) 

How often and where do we meet? 
We meet every Sunday at 11:00AM at the Qutub Golf Course, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli. 



Do I need a membership? 
Well for now there isn’t any form of membership however as we progress and grow as a community we are looking at exclusivity for members of the community to have a form of identification associated with the community. 

It is further a great opportunity to meet in person and learn and share our business and professional offerings on a more person-to-person basis. 

Thus, it would be lovely to meet up in person over Golf and a nice cuppa tea at the Qutub Golf Course. For, those who know the game we could play through 9 holes as the days are short and for those who want to pick up the game - there's a nice driving range where you can learn the nuances and get your swing set to play. 
• It’s a nice place with no formalities and there’s an easy air about this place plus its light on the pockets too. 
It'll be nice to meet up in person and you can also bring along friends for the event - the more the merrier. 
Dress Code – 
1. *Slipper, Jeans and round neck Tees (T-Shirts) are strictly not allowed 
2. We must be dressed in a shirt or collared T-Shirt 
3. Trousers or Khakis 
4. Shoes (golf or just about anything between a formal and a casual) 
a. avoid sneakers lest they disallow us from driving or playing 
**For those who do not have a golf set / golf sets and clubs can be rented from the clubhouse

Please bring you business cards and the following printed form below to distribute among the connections we meet up with at the Golf Meet up.


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