Kurukshetra 2011

Kurukshetra 2011


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The techno-management fest of the College of Engineering of Anna University, Kurukshetrais true to its tagline, "The Battle Of Brains". It has become the yearly clash of the best of the student world. With around 15,000 participants from over 75 institutions spanning 75 countries, the diverse crowd is one of the factors that make Kurukshetra such a resounding success. The challenging events add lustre by drawing in enthusiastic participants with the lure of fantastic amounts of prize money!

For starters, this year's emphasis is, 'Science is fun!'. With events ranging from ”Robotics” to “Riddles of the Sphinx”, from “K! millionaire” to “K++”, and with a plethora of quizzes, puzzles and coding events to add spice, Kurukshetra '11 promises to be a true multi-disciplinary concoction. The winner will be the one, who not just thinks, but enjoys as well. Tons of prizes are to be won, because, at the end of the day, knowledge pays! 

So what are you waiting for? Rush yourself to register now for these exciting events at Kurukshetra!

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