Knowledge Knights - 17th Jun 2017 - Mumbai - Santosh Nair

Knowledge Knights - 17th Jun 2017 - Mumbai - Santosh Nair


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About The Event


“Red to Blue”


Most organizations often function with a fear of losing market share. Every business thrives to stay ahead of competition and constantly fights this battle of holding on to its share of the pie, with numerous other players.


The market today experiences a scenario where every organization tries to outperform its rivals, as the number of players in the market grow denser, the ability to maintain one's profits reduces to a great extent.


This leads to a bloody war between the competitors, where everyone tries to upgrade their quality, speed, service, comfort, experience. But in this pursuit, they keep reducing their price and this price war ultimately results in erosion in the bottom-line of the company's financial statements.


This situation is akin a Red Ocean, where multiple fishes coexist, but in order to sustain, they eat the other fishes present in the ocean. With the competition turning extremely deadly now, many companies try to completely destruct their counterparts.


In such a situation, What if you could build a business that can be in a league of its own? Instead of competing with others in your industry, what if you were could set the pace, create unique products and profit from lucrative new markets?


Is that even possible?


Yes, of course. While the rest of the world may be at war, you have the opportunity to carve out a niche for yourself where you wouldn't have any competition, you could create untapped demand, you would be free to command the market and open up avenues for a highly profitable growth.


You can become one of those few organizations that instead of focusing on beating the competition, make them completely irrelevant.


Wondering how can you do that??


Well that secret will be revealed in the 24th smmart Knowledge Knights at Mumbai on 17th June, 2017.


So Mark the date in your calendars already, and gear up to learn these intricate, intense and fool-proof strategies that have always proven to produce extraordinary results!!




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