Kasturi Hindi Comedy Play

Kasturi Hindi Comedy Play


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About The Event

Bhaav Arts Film and Theatre Association Presents KASTURI in Rangaayan-2018.

Synopsis: “Kasturi” has locked herself in house and don’t want to meet anyone, after death of her husband Thakur Bhargav Singh. Her husband’s sister “Banno” tries to persuade her to forget past and live her life with a new beginning, but Kasturi refuses. One day a Person “Rangrez” come to meet Mr. Bhargav, but Kasturi’s servant “Gulab” tells him about death of Mr. Bhargav. Then Rangrez want to meet anyone who is available in the house. Gulab tell him that Kasturi don’t want to meet anyone, he  refuses to leave until he speaks with Kasturi. After listening loud noise of fighting between Gulab & Rangrez she comes in drawing room. Rangrez explains that he gave Rs. 12 Lac as advance & security for the farms of sugarcane to her late husband. Further, Rangrez explains that he needs money to pay his Bank Loans, otherwise bank will declare him defaulter and auctioned his house. Kasturi explains that she has no money as her husband’s sister Banno is the property caretaker and currently not in the village, as she has gone for the case of dispute on the same farms. Rangrez decides that he will not leave the house until he gets his money back.  Rangrez and Kasturi get into an argument, the argument turns into a debate about true love according to the different genders. Rangrez argues that women are incapable of loving anybody, to which Kasturi argues that she wholeheartedly loved her husband although he cheated on her.  At the end, both are climax their anger to the point where they are going to have a duel. At the time of duel  Rangrez realize that he falls in love with Kasturi, but here is the twist that someone has a different plan.  This Play is a tribute to Anton Chekhov for “The Boor/Bear”.


Written and Directed by Viral Arya

Terms & Conditions

• Kids below 6 years are not allowed & Kids above 6 years Ticket will be charge.

• Ticket neither refundable nor transferable.

• Entry will not allow during progress of scene.

• To avoid any inconvenience please do come minimum 15 minutes before the show.

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