Jamghat\'s Theatre Workshop

Jamghat\'s Theatre Workshop


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Jamghat's Theatre Workshop. Age Group: 14 and above.

The group will work through ensemble exercises and warm-ups based on running and walking activities, creative usage of space, levels and textures of movement, breath, vision and levels of focus, meditation, chanting, working as a speaking and moving chorus, humour and physical comedy, rhythm, partnering, awakening the five senses, devising and creating as an ensemble.

The program teaches theatrical techniques through an informal structure, and promotes self-expression and teamwork. The workshop is structured based on age rather than experience level or ability. This allows more experienced members to help the new folks, while the new members offer fresh ideas and diverse points of view. This also allows older students to more deeply explore a subject that might bore a younger child.

In the workshop we play theatre games, work on improvisational skills, study characterization, and explore our 'self'. In the process we build esteem, self-confidence, public speaking skills, and an awareness of a true teamwork effort.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

8 sessions per month at a nominal rate.

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