How Important Is Your Relationship With Your Wife, Children, Parents, Boss And Customers

How Important Is Your Relationship With Your Wife, Children, Parents, Boss And Customers


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How can I have a Happy and Healthy Family?

I realised, I should have an excellent relationship with my wife, children and parents to have a happy and healthy family.

To have an excellent relationship with my children I should be useful to them, not just biological relationship.

I am useful to my children if I am contributing to them. Contribution can be in 3 different ways or you can say through 3 different resources. They are physical or financial resource contribution, Intellectual resource i.e. knowledge contribution and emotional resource contribution.

Emotional resource contribution with core values is vital for our long-term happy and healthy relationship with our children.

Let’s take an example, if my child is asking for a book and I buy or pay for the book and give it to him. I am doing only physical resource contribution.

If I seat with my child and explain the content, now I have started contributing him intellectually.

The question comes is my child is feeling good of my presence, the way I am sharing the knowledge. Then I have started contributing to him my emotional resource.

I may not have knowledge in every subject to contribute to my child intellectually but I can support my child emotionally though out my child’s life if I am emotionally sound.

The most important emotional resource contribution is listening.

To Listen to my child whole hearted I must be emotionally sound. If I am stressed out, worried and frustrated. If I am carrying in my mind anxiety, doubts, anger and I am short tempered, I will throw away my frustration to my child.

School and college give importance to intellectual resource and I realised if I want to be happy I must invest time to gain emotional resource. If you can invest 1hour in a day to improve your Emotional Resource to have a happy and healthy family, let us know.

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Venue: LMA Leadership Centre, Hyderabad,  

3A, Dhanajaya Chamber, 3rd Floor, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day, Metro Rail Pillar No.14, 

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