Investment and Financial Planning Beginner\'s Course@ Bangalore on July 9th 2011

Investment and Financial Planning Beginner\'s Course@ Bangalore on July 9th 2011


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About The Event

Do you always depend on your friends or parents advice on where/how much to invest? Are all your investment directed only towards LIC policies and tax saving instruments? Or do you think investment means buying a property? Do you always wonder how rich people become richer while not so rich struggle so hard? Come join this course from Institute of Leaning everything to get your questions answered.

Institute of Leaning, Bangalore provide you a holistic view or Investment and financial planning in this short term 1 day course. The course aims at educating common people with no/limited financial background with critical information on art & science behind investment and making money. We help you learn how to easily make more money from your money as its truly said Money attracts money.

The Investment and Financial Planning Beginners course would cover:

  • Importance of Investment and Financial Planning Make Money
  • Identify your financial needs and ability to take risk.
  • How to make a sound Financial Plan
  • Savings Vs Investment – Finding the right balance
  • Different types of investments and pros/cons of each
    • FixedDeposit/RecurringDeposit/Savings Deposit
    • NSC, PPF, EPF
    • Property
    • Stocks
    • Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Infrastructure Bonds
    • Life Insurance Schemes
  • Factors to evaluate any investment
  • Overview of choosing right Mutual fund and stocks 

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Trainer's Profile

Santosh Kevlani, Founder of Santosh is Electronics Engineer (Nagpur) and MBA from IIT Bombay. He has worked for 10 years with some of the best companies in India and abroad including Wipro, HP, Compaq and America Online. He is a great number cruncher and math freak. He has been investing in stocks for over 7 years now and really enjoys sharing the practical and smart ways of investing in stock market. He is also an expert in Online businesses and has spent most of his professional life on different aspects of Online businesses. He is Passionate about sharing knowledge and followed his entrepreneurial dream to setup a new age startup Teacherji. Check his detailed profile on


Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone who doesn’t have any financial background and is new to financial planning, specially salaried employees and self employed
  • Those who have started earning money in last few years and have disposable money to invest and save
  • Youngsters who may still be in college but want to start making money early in life.
  • This course is aimed at beginners in financial planning and not meant for those who have had decent experience in investing money in more than 2-3 asset classes.

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