International Seminar on River, Society and Sustainable Development @ Assam, 26th - 29th May 2011

International Seminar on River, Society and Sustainable Development @ Assam, 26th - 29th May 2011


About The Event


Assam valley, surrounded by mountains on three sides, is a gift of the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. From time immemorial, different ethnic groups migrated to his valley in search of fertile land and settled here to create the Brahmaputra civilization. The rivers have determined the political, social and economic life of the people of this region. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, towns and cities came to be built along the banks of the Brahmaputra and its main tributaries. During the days of the British rule, Dibrugarh happened to be the fourth important town of India.      At present, the increase in population has brought pressure on land and that has been accompanied by town related problems like flood, erosion, and big river dams. In four years following the great earthquake of 1950, the Brahmaputra eroded and submerged eighty percent of Dibrugarh town. The town has been under threat of erosion ever since.    Society is intimately bound up with rivers. It is imperative that we find means to make rivers our resources and do not let them create problems. Dibrugarh University, situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra, organizes this International Seminar with the objective of discussing all river related issues to thrash out means for sustained growth and development.

Issues To Be Covered In Seminar:

  • Technological Issues:


  1. Integrated watershed planning.
  2. River and watershed management.
  3. Water resource management.
  4. Flood studies: Flood forecasting.
  5. Water Quality issues.
  6. Ecological and Environment impacts.
  7. Bank erosion: Measure for preventing erosions.
  8. Sediment transport of rivers.
  • Issues Related to Litreature & Culture:
  1.  River as a metaphor
  2.  River in folk culture
  3.  River as a myth
  4.  River in songs and lyrics
  5.  River, rites and rituals
  6.  Brahmaputra in travel writings
  • Socio Ecnomic Issues:
  1.  River, social Change and developments
  2.  River and Displacements: Disorganization: Structural, economic, ecological
  3.  River and its impact: Social Climate, Health and Hygiene, life style and life chances.
  4.  River Environment: sustainability, alternative Occupation, utilization of river islands.
  5.  Policy Issues: Global and Local: Role of NGOs and International organizations.
  6.  River and Environment Education
  • Historical Issues:
  1.  Rivers and economy in historical perspective
  2.  Rivers in social and polity formation
  3.  River resources , past and present : problem and prospects
  4.  River-Environment and culture
  5.  Rivers in shaping North East's relationship with its neighboring countries.

Who Can Partisipate:

Academic fraternity in teaching, learning and research; Research   Scholars; Management Professionals; Knowledge workers; Policy makers; Activists; Professional Associations.

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