International Malware Conference Workshops

International Malware Conference Workshops


  • MalCon Web Hacking Workshop

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  • MalCon Malware Analysis

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About The Event

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Malcon is the worlds first platform bringing together Malware and Information Security Researchers from across the globe to share key research insights into building and containment of the next generation malwares.

MalCon offers two parallel workshops on 2nd December (any one workshop can be attended at a time!):
MalCon 2010 Workshop – Malware Analysis


Malware analysis from MalCon dives into techniques and approaches to reverse engineer and analyze a binary with malicious code. But before we dive into the subject, the most important thing to ask is, how can one analyze a malware without knowing what goes in creating it?

For this very reason, the MalCon Malware Analysis workshop starts with fundamentals of Reverse Engineering, followed by creation of an actual malware and then approaches for analysis. Filled with lot of practical labs, the session spanned across a full day will go in-depth while keeping it simple enough to understand.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

* Gain hands-on experience in Reverse Engineering.
* Understanding Malwares & Develop a Simple Malware.
* Apply the knowledge and techniques for Malware Analysis

MalCon 2010 Workshop – Web Application Hacking


Vulnerable applications can allow hackers to steal mission critical business data, transfer amount from a bank application user’s account without him knowing, stealing credit card data, defacing a corporate website, creating DoS attack on the application to affect day to day operations, etc. So it is very essential to secure any such applications from external as well as internals threats.

The objective of this workshop is to increase awareness, educate people/testers about how to be at a winning side by defending any web applications from threats and develop secure applications for safe and promising business continuity. One of the important aspects of this workshop is to get knowledge on today’s latest applications threats around and how to take preventive as well as corrective actions.

* Understand web applications security threats and attacks
* Identify Risks that web application faces from a malicious insider and external unknown entities
* Undertake Application Threat Profiling
* Conduct Various application testing scenarios in real world
* Understand OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
* Learn techniques for successfully penetrating into web applications
* Gain experience on web applications security testing
* Have good understanding on Secure Software Development Life Cycle

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