International Conference on Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance (ICFIF 2011)

International Conference on Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance (ICFIF 2011)


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Sustainable economic growth is one of the principal objectives of the developing world. The major precondition for attaining this goal, however, is the availability of infrastructure in the economy, both in passable quantity and quality. Infrastructure is considered as the wheel, if not the engine of development. The deficiency of infrastructure will certainly hamper sustainable economic growth. In most of the developing countries including India, the status of infrastructure is low as compared to the need of the respective countries. While the demand for infrastructure is growing at a much faster rate, supply is more or less stagnant. This is mostly due to the rapid urbanization and globalization taking place across the world. The major hurdle for closing this demand and supply gap is the non-availability of finance for infrastructure creation. Despite the large number of projects that are either in progress or in the pipeline, India is continuously challenged to cope with an increasing demand for infrastructure services. The government has put together an ambitious plan to upgrade and expand infrastructure with special focus on urban infrastructure, particularly transportation, power, water, etc. Within this context the private sector is expected to provide the necessary investment through privatization and PPP schemes. The development of this sector is anticipated to stimulate economic growth, creat jobs, diversify economy and improve the quality of life in the country. The aim of this International Conference on ‘Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance’ is to bring together different stakeholders from various parts of the world to a single platform to exchange views and share knowledge so as to build a road map for infrastructure creation and its management.

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