Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Apr 16)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Apr 16)


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About The Event

Innovation = Idea + Execution


Yes ideas are good, but they are not enough. If you work for a company then you must know that a company is someone's idea executed by him. The idea can be executed by a single person like Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Marc Benioff of Salesforce or Mark Zuckerberg of FB. Otherwise it might be an idea executed by a couple of guys like Steve & Steve of Apple, Bill & Paul of Microsoft, Larry & Sergey of Google or Sachin & Binny of Flipkart.


The essential part is these are all ideas executed. And the problem is, until you execute it, you will never know the true potentail of your ideas. There are two ways of finding out whether your ideas are worth hundreds of dollars or millions of dollars. 


  • Option 1 - Execute your idea and find out
  • Option 2 - Wait for someone else to pick up your idea and execute it.


Or you can come join our workshop as option 3. Our workshop will equip you with tools & techniques, using which you can validate the Business Viability, Customer Desirability and Technical Feasibility of your ideas, fast and cheap.  





Duration: 2 Days


Eligibility: People who are ready to find out the true potential of their ideas. 


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 Fee: 5000/ (INR) per participant (includes training stationary and lunch for the day)


 For More Details, Please Call Us! (96868 98400)


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