Innovation Summit 2011

Innovation Summit 2011


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About The Event

“Necessity Is the Mother of Invention”, is a well known saying that emphasizes the need tochange, innovate, learn and implement new ideas and create new sustainable technologies,services and products which are beneficial to build a progressive nation. Dr Ramesh Mashelkar,Chairman, National Innovation Foundation and President of Global Research Alliance reiterate the concept of innovation and stated that Gandhian Engineering was also “getting More from Less for More”.

In order to remain globally competitive, Indian corporate are adopting innovative techniques to meet the increasing needs and expectations of the consumers. However, to remain world-class it is essential that industries effectively utilize their skills and proactively explore opportunity for innovating new solutions and quality products for the masses. The recession witnessed in 2008, acted as a catalyst for companies to innovate methods of cost saving and making cost efficient products. The changing business dynamics and the need to remain competitive have led companies to utilize their operations effectively by increasing their production and improving their quality from the existing available resources. Thereby accentuating the need to produce and deliver more from available limited resources by focusing on quality and available resources/ manpower.

Though widely followed vocational training programmes like machining/wiring/ plumbing etc., are being offered, however lack of localized employment has been a major concern and challenge across the globe; thus stressing the need to train youth in latest technology products like solar / wind / portable agriculture implements / pre-processing of agri produce etc., & also on manufacturing of low cost - innovative products by Rural Innovators and Common man, towards gearing up for self-employment & / or becoming an entrepreneur with the various aids provided by government schemes and public-private partnerships.

The idea is to reap the benefits of low cost innovation that would reach out to the common man. Thus also bringing in a turnaround strategy that promotes and encourages entrepreneurship in the MSME scale. This can be achieved by adopting mechanization, simple automations with commonplace electronic devices, using contemporary eco-friendly materials, etc. The need of the hour is shift our focus from catering and meeting the needs of the elite to the common man by National Partner focusing on sustainable innovative approaches.

CII has taken several initiatives to boost Industry investment in R&D. CII in partnership with the Department of Science & Technology has been implementing Government’s bilateral/multilateral industrial R&D programmes under GITA – Global Innovation & Technology Alliance an initiative, led by Dr. Ramasami.

Key session highlights

•Innovation for more - CEO’s Perspective
•Innovation and Markets
•New Business Model / Case studies
•Eco System for Innovations – Development to Commercialisation

CII is organizing the Innovation Summit, scheduled for 11 January 2011 at Cambay Grand, Ahmedabad with the support of iNDEXTb, Government of Gujarat as part of Swarnim Gujarat and Vibrant Gujarat 2011

The innovation Summit will showcase some of the world-class innovations including ruralinnovations and explore the opportunities to uplift and enhance the living of the common man. TheSummit would aim to understand the need for innovation, explore opportunities that can be used by MSMEs and meeting the demands of the common man, showcasing exemplar case studies / methodologies of commercialization of innovations, in India and abroad and encouraging the youth to move towards self employment generation.

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