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We share learning environment & culture that not only gets our staff members 100% involved & dedicated in their roles & responsibilities but convey the same enthusiasm & value to our patrons. For

India Machine Tools Show, 26th May 2011 - 29th May 2011@ New Delhi


About The Event

We share learning environment & culture that not only gets our staff members 100% involved & dedicated in their roles & responsibilities but convey the same enthusiasm & value to our patrons. 

For any company the growth highly depends on internal soundness & mainly on employee motivation. We always emphasize on various ways of motivating employees either through extrinsic or intrinsic modes.
Our team members leave no stone unturned in order to satisfy client concerns. Internal capacity building & induction trainings optimize quality in each transaction & dealing with us.


Our Mission
At K and D Communication Ltd., we look forward to empowering industries and businesses worldwide, through providing a common platform to promote & share their mutual concerns in a controlled environment that enables participants accomplish individual corporate goals initiated through targeted exhibitions.
Our Vision
Being undisputed leader in the Trade Fair & Event Management Sector in India, we look forward to becoming a true global leader & a zero risk brand that maximizes value, every time we have been patronized.
Organizational Philosophy
We share common values & ethical policies in our day to day practice. At K and D communicationwe strictly believe and implement that maximizing value is not individual's task or management's job but is a collective responsibility of all those who are part of the system. Clarity of goals, well defined job roles and timely dissemination of information at all hierarchical levels ensure the desired output. At 
K and D Communication we treat goals as ever changing state and clearly foresee a room for improvement. Improvement is a perpetual process going on continual basis through out even & odds, thick & thin.
K and D communication is known for.
Becoming the first ever diversified company to organize truly advanced and global level event named "ENGIMACH" for machine tools industry & ancillary manufacturers. K and D Communication is known for a series of successful events named IMTOS. The various industries that benefited & availed promotional platform from these events were Machine Tools, Heavy Machinery, CNC Machines & SPMs, Sheet Metal Working Machineries Of All Types, Industrial Robotics, Material Handling, Small Light Workshop Machineries, Hydraulic Press, Press Brake, Shearing Machines, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Air Compressors,
Electronics & Industrial Automation, Industrial Pumps And Valves, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipments, Electrical Equipments, Instrumentation, Wires And Cables, Welding and Welding Consumable, Testing and Measuring Instruments, Energy Conservation Products, Gears, Motors & Motor Drives, Newly Launched and Specialized Industrial Products, Wood Working Machineries, Chemicals & Pharma Machineries, Plastics, Printing, Packaging, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Machineries, & Many More.
Core Mission of the 9th ENGIMACH
The underlying mission of the exhibition - 9th ENGIMACH is to promote & empower industrial sector players of domestic as well as global market, through arranging a dedicated & customized trade fair, which has been held keeping specific attention on their concerns, exploring scope of their corporate goal achievements.
The Place:
India is all set to become global economy's engine as it is reflected & well predicted through its constant yet sustainable growth. India's growth in the industrial and technology sector has been a subject to ponder for the leading economists. Gujarat is the prominent state always noticed across India, for its contribution in Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing Sector, and Textile. Ahmedabad, which is Commercial Hub of Gujarat, is considered a metro city with growing population, world class educational institutions, increasing purchasing power, changing trends, emerging enterprising opportunities, infrastructure development and setting up of Special Economics Zones.
University Ground: A known landmark
The place where the exhibition is proposed to set up is University Ground-Ahmedabad, located at an easy to access distance due to its connectivity through 132 ft. ring road. The ground with acres of land and connectivity adjoining a blend of commercial & residential area, offers tremendous space and display facility for participants, visitors, exhibition materials, products, stalls and parking.
The Audience

The exhibition is the most awaited trade fair for the savvy technocrats, entrepreneurs, businessmen, corporate intrapreneurs, students and all of the people either product developer or ancillary manufacturer. These visitors are from domestic as well as global market, looking forward to initiate buying or selling of their business concerns.
ENGIMACH has been the most successful series of Exhibitions & Trade Fairs, which is reflected through its facts & figures.

The Beneficiary
At K and D Communication Ltd. we have wide scope of opportunity for every company to avail benefit, whether it is manufacturer, dealer, vendor, service provider, ancillary manufacturer, raw material supplier or logistics provider. 
So far various industries and sector which have got advantage of our services are…
Machine Tools
Heavy Machinery
CNC Machines & SPMs
Sheet Metal Working Machineries Of All Types
Industrial Robotics
Material Handling
Small Light Workshop Machineries
Hydraulic Press
Press Brake
Shearing Machines
Hand Tools
Cutting Tools
Power Tools
Air Compressors
Electronics & Industrial Automation
Industrial Pumps And Valves
Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipments
Electrical Equipments
Wires And Cables
Welding and Welding Consumable
Testing and Measuring Instruments
Energy Conservation Products
Motors & Motor Drives
Newly Launched and Specialized Industrial Products
Wood Working Machineries
Chemicals & Pharma Machineries
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Machineries, & Many More.

Apart from these industries we have got a great promotional platform to offer to every aspirant participating in our event irrespective of its size, capacity and the market presence.

Affiliations & Associations
Our exhibitions are approved by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) Govt. of India Enterprise.

We have been the first ever Trade Fair & Exhibition Organizer Company to get ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification in India.

Accolades, Achievements & Acclamation

First ever event management company to create pull of more than 1, 00,000 visitors in a single event.
First ever company to give an evidence of eight successful consecutive events under the aegis of "ENGIMACH".
First ever event management company to achieve 2nd rank in short span of 8 yrs. in the event giants of Asia.
First ever company to get optimum brand recall rate by audience, visitors and participants through more than 62.78%* repeat participation. (Conclusion: ENGIMACH-VI, ENGIMACH-VII and ENGIMACH-IIX).
The first ever event management company to witness visitors flow of 23,000 in ENGIMACH-I(Jan 1997) and 1, 26,000 visitors in ENGIMACH-IIX (Jan 2008).
Copy Right
The images, stuff and other materials displayed is property of K and D Communication Ltd. Downloading of images, promotional stuff, and communication literature for reproduction, reprint or commercial purpose is strictly prohibited and lawful. Prospects, customers, clients and business associates can download the same stuff in good faith, with an intention to know further and / or patronize the company. The pictures, glimpses, highlights of events, facts and figures etc., which are directly or indirectly relating to event(s) is property of K and D Communication Limited and can be used for the same company or associated companies' promotional campaign, prospecting purpose, presentation material, client development, print literature or any other material with genuine intent to accomplish corporate goals of K and D Communication Ltd.


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