India Digital Forum & Digital Expo

India Digital Forum & Digital Expo


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About The Event

Digital is the new world order. All our lives now revolve around the Digital ecosystem now, whether it be our personal lives or professional lives. Digital has permeated through every major sphere of our lives, whether it be Media, Entertainment, Household, Professional or Community aspects. Web, Mobile, Media and Community have collided in a fascinating way where the human experience has transcended the domains of bits and bytes.

Web 3.0 boom has started in case one did not notice. Media and Entertainment find their new home on digital channels whether it be the ubiquitous computer, the new mobile devices or tablets or the smart devices in cars, billboards or household equipment. Wireless and Mobile bring the Web and Data Services to every nook and corner of the world. Social Media casts a halo effect over our daily lives. Agencies and Marketers find eyeballs, and consequently dollars, shifting to the Digital and Mobile Media channels. App Stores unleash the developer creativity with more than half billion apps on one App Store alone. This is the New Media, this is the new Engagement platform ? Are you and your firm participating in this new Digital economy ?

The technological world drives Digital innovation at a breakneck pace. A variety of consumer and business services move into the so-called Cloud - an emblematic representation of the Managed Service or Web Delivery model. Moore's Law orchestrates as nanotechnology empowers devices of all kinds. Music and Video locker services drive the Digital Entertainment experience and youngsters around the world adopt these services on a wholescale basis, driving the traditional media drives and compact discs into oblivion. Service Providers and Telecom Carriers enable the universal connectivity and enable every device in site with a Wireless chip - always ready and always connected to serve, serve the consumer as well as the mobile user. Emerging Devices, Intelligent Networks, App Stores, Cloud Services, Social Media, Digital Billboards, Music Lockers - it's clearly a Digital Invasion. Are you ready for this generational transformation?

Attend the India Digital Forum to hear from India's foremost visionaries in space of Digital Media, Mobile Technology, Cloud Computing and Social Innovation. Come and experience the Digital Convergence revolution.

Speakers :
        *    Naveen Tewari, Founder and CEO, InMobi
        *    Rajiv Kumar, CEO and Founder, RockeTalk
        *    Hari Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India
        *    Sunny Rao, MD - APAC and India, Nuance Communications
        *    Badri Sanjeevi, COO, Mauj Mobile
        *    Deepak Swamy, Head - Flypp Marketplace & Associate Vice President, Infosys
        *    Vikram Tanna, Vice President, STAR Digital (Internet & Wireless), STAR India
        *    Sanjay Swamy, Founder & Chairman, ZipDial
        *    Maya Hari, Director - Digital, Condenast India
        *    Ali Hussein, AVP - Digital Media, MTV Networks
        *    Sanjay Bhasin, VP - Products, Getit Info Services India (Ex-eBay, USA)
        *    Viswanath Poosala, Head of Bell Labs - India, Alcatel-Lucent
        *    Anagat Pareek, Vice President - Mobile Lifestyle Solutions, Comviva
        *    Ashish Gupta, Managing Director, Helion Advisors
        *    Soumitra Sharma, Investment Professional, IDG Ventures India
        *    Vishal Singhal, CMO, CellStrat

More Speakers coming soon.

Why Attend :

       *    Participate in the Digital Convergence Revolution
       *    Understand and appreciate the collision of Web, Mobile, Media and Community and its              impact on our lives
       *    Meet and Greet the leading Digital, Mobile, Media and Technology visionaries of India
    *    Get dazzled by the Digital Innovation Showcase and Expo - a cutting-edge Exhibition on             Digital products and services
      *   Network with hundreds of top executives, thought leaders, managers and innovators from dozens of leading firms
        *    Brainstorm and share ideas with top technologists, creative artists and future thinkers

Target Audience : Senior Management, Media / Marketing Leaders, Technology Executives, Brand Managers, Developers, Evangelists and Innovators

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