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The Oxford dictionary defines incident as a single distinct event. We, at NITK Surathkal,beg to differ. To us, Incident is a celebration. A celebration of art, entertainment, sport,music, literature and more. It’s a celebration of lif

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The Oxford dictionary defines incident as a single distinct event. We, at NITK Surathkal,beg to differ. To us, Incident is a celebration. A celebration of art, entertainment, sport,music, literature and more. It’s a celebration of life.

150 colleges. 15000 participants. And a staggering 38000 registrations. Strategically placed in the west coast, Incident draws in throngs of people every year from Goa,Karnataka, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, et al. It is the largest cultural fest in Karnataka, and amongst the two largest fests in South India. Need we say more?

With a multitude of fine events ranging from sport to music, literary to gaming, drama to the fine arts, Incident promises to be the ultimate cultural mosaic that will numb your mind. From amongst the slew of events we have to offer, here are a few gems:

Beach Events
Located along the golden, sunkissed Konkan coast, the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka is the only college in India that’s home to a private beach. The sandy shores, golden sun, lashing waves and azure skies make it the perfect location for a one-of-a-kind Beach Carnival. With its highlight events Sandemonium and War of the DJs, we at Incident will make sure you have the sort of fun that only salty air and sand between your toes can offer. So get tattoed, dance, play beach sports, make sand castles, fly kites, pig out at our beach stalls or just sit around and get muddy. We've got something for everyone.

ProNites and International Acts
Thousands of hands waving in the air. Thousands of heads swaying to the music. Thousands of hearts beating to the rhythm. The ProNites, are undoubtedly Incident's apogee. Be it the musical genius of KK & Kunal Ganjawala, the melody of Indian Ocean, the percussions of Euphoria Gully, the raw magnetism of Nikhil Chinappa & DJ Oliver Moldan or the Old School Rock of Led Zepplica, ProNites always leaves the audience swooning for more. Yes, we can proudly boast about the fact that Led Zepplica at Incident ’10 was their second performance in India ever. With the who's who of the diaspora that is Indian Music, state of the art sound systems and an audience to match, it just doesn't get bigger than this.

Watch as bitter battles and cut throat competition pave way for a basketball showdown like you've never seen before, as the best teams from all over South India battle it out for the coveted Incident trophy. Its not just another basketball tournament. Its a magical war.

Western Musicals
We give you 15000 watts of electrifying sound and a high that you will never forget. Headbanging, Hard Rock and Hangovers galore. All you music maniacs out there, This you’ve met your match. The surreal musical experience that will blow your mind.

Haute Coutre
From Greek to Diabolical, HipHop to Punk, Zodiac to Bohemian, Bikers to Cowboys, watch these modern day fashionistas scorch, sizzle and take your breath away. Dazzling lights, feet-thumping music, deadly divas and funky clothes. Need we say more?

Incident draws promising talent from around the country to culminate in an ethnic musical extravaganza of astounding proportions, Bandish. Mellifluous voices combine with inspiring melodies to create reverberating music. We promise you a night you will never forget.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Jack a merry toy. Neither dull nor inanimate, we at Incident think that work and fun are two sides of the same coin. Over the years, we have a multitude of workshops like wildlife photography,animation, chocolate making, kite flying, sand modelling, paragliding, kickboxing,theatre, Tai Chi, Jive, Salsa, and many more. Conducted by unparallelled talent in the respective areas this is the perfect recipe that blends learning and adventure to give you an insight into numerous fields.

The best brains from all over India descend upon the NITK campus to participate in QuizFest, a literary bonanza if there ever was one. Set to the music of furious scribbling and the rhythm of beating buzzers, armed with amongst the best quizzers in the world like Mr.Arulmani, we present to you a medley of the best quizzes (GenQ, Spent Quiz, India Quiz, Lone Wolf), speaking events (JAM, Debate), and games (Dumb Charades, Pot Pourri) you'll see. The geek shall definitely inherit the earth.

For those who are not here with a purpose, those easygoing guys who are just here to see what Incident looks like, this is your one stop shop for pure unadulterated fun. Tons of whacky games to play, cool freebies to be won and laidback loafing to do. Mad ads, movie spoofs, You name it, we’ve got it.

Boredom is a word that isn't in our dictionary. And we promise to erase it from yours. So gather around, join us. Celebrate life. Celebrate Incident. ‘Coz This is it.

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