Impact of GST on supply chain management

Impact of GST on supply chain management


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Supply Chain Training



We are living in a knowledge economy. The 21st century will be the age of the mind, just as the nineteenth was the age of the machine. Anyone who wishes to remain competitive must embrace the fact that knowledge requires constant updating, otherwise it rapidly becomes outdated and left behind. Professional Training programs present a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of working people. A training program allows a professional to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. Training programs bring practitioners to a higher level so they all have enhanced skills and knowledge.

Well-designed training is crucial for organizational development and success. Such programs make the working people more efficient and productive. More specifically, the subject ‘Supply Chain Management’ is ever expanding, dynamic and requires knowledge updation on a continual basis. Recognizing this fact, Fhyzics is offering structured training programs on various aspects of Supply Chain Management. On attending our training programs, participants will go back to their work places with more constructive ideas that will ensure:

  - Improved Performance

  - Consistency in Delivering

  - Increased Satisfaction & Motivation

  - Networking with Peer Groups

  - Sharing of Best Practices.

Fhyzics offers training programs in two formats – Open programs and Corporate programs.

- Open Programs are pre-scheduled, conducted in a common venue and attended by professionals from various sectors.

- Corporate programs are designed for one company and attended by employees of that company

Fhyzics offers training programs on the following topics :

- Essentials of Supply Chain Management

- Warehousing & Inventory Management       

- Impact of GST on Supply Chain Management

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