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Drone workshop on Aerial Photography & Cinematography:
IFDS Academy presents and Aayushi RytEve powered by the kicking off with the Drones Aerial photography and Cinematography workshop. Are you looking to learn, learn how to safely

Drone Workshop - Aerial Photography and Cinematography


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About The Event


Drone workshop on Aerial Photography & Cinematography:


IFDS Academy presents and Aayushi RytEve powered by the kicking off with the Drones Aerial photography and Cinematography workshop. Are you looking to learn, learn how to safely setup and fly a DJI Phantom 4, and INSPIRE 2, MAVIC PRO, CX-10 Drones.  Learn how to process aerial Photos and Video with drones.


Photographers and videographers! Do you want to take your images to the next level... literally? This workshop is all about helping you to get started taking awesome aerial photos and videos with the use of drones as quickly as possible.    


Register for our workshop where you can learn about Aerial photography and Cinematography anatomy with carrier build with the drone paradigm that is taking over the world, quite literally!

The photography and videography trades alone have already and will continue to see major transformations as drones are used as flying cameras. Business is becoming aware of these options and paying attention to the additional dimension drone work can offer.


It's an exciting time to be a part of this new "drone" economy. Get up to speed and add the valuable and rewarding skill of drone-based aerial imaging to your skill-set.


Aerial Photography & Cinematography with Drones workshop By Praveen G B Tech – Electronics & Communication,  

Mentor: Mr. Naveen Joel (Founder & CEO I Fantasy Design Studios)

Organizer: Mr. Sarath Konduru

Presented by: IFDS Academy

Powered by: Aayushi RytEve

Charge: 1000/-

Date: 15th July 2018.

Time: 9 AM to 1 PM

Break: 11:00 AM to 11:15 AM

At: I Fantasy Design Studios, ( Flat no 104, Sri Ramakrishna Towers, Beside Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad).

What do you get?


In Our Workshop, Camera drones are incredibly fun to fly and will add a whole new dimension to your work. If you are a videographer, this workshop will help videographers and photographers gain the skills and knowledge you'll need to confidently add epic aerial shots to your video projects.  


Still photographers can have just as much fun taking still photos from a multirotor drone. We'll cover taking and processing still photos with drones.


Real estate agents, farmers, miners, law enforcement officers, sheer hobbyists... the possible uses for aerial imaging are many. Cutting edge technology is making aerial photography and videography more accessible than ever. At the same time it's important to know the laws, rules, and best practices to ensure your success.


Workshop Topics Covered:


 -        Drones and Its necessity


-        Drone regulations in India


-        Drones Anatomy


-        Types of Drones


-         Flying a Drone


-        Drones Applications


-        Carrier Opportunities’ to make better with Drone operations.


-        Open discussion on questions you have!


-        Participation certification distributions.


Our Aim:


Our aim is awareness to learn drone technology prevails among the photographers and Cinematographers, many still struggle to get started in it due to lack of resources and proper guidance. Drone workshops help them a lot in this area. So, here we are signifying attend this best drone workshop that you can learn and get skilled. The idea behind this workshop is not to yield any financial gains, hence the registration fees has been kept to minimum to cover the cost of organizing such event... We are looking for massive participation from Learners, Hobbyist, passionate from City of Hyderabad (Telangana) and around………………


Drones Importance:


In Dubai, the crown prince who was very fascinated about drones took the initiative to host the World Drone Prix race for the first time in the world. The race saw an overwhelming response from drone enthusiasts all around the world and they competed against each other to get their hands on the prize money of $250,000.


Also in Germany, a pilot from e-volvo flew a hybrid helicopter drone and it was the first certified manned multicopter flight. This had proven that, inculcating drones in the public commute services is very possible in the near future. This means, you can simply book an Uber and fly to your destination in the near future :)


With the drones technology reaching new heights, a lot of industries had already started investing in this technology to integrate drones onto to their operations.


But a lot of industries are finding it difficult to recruit skilled people in this, since only a handful of engineers have the skills to work on this innovative technology. This is majorly because of the exclusion of practical trainings on drone technologies in the engineering curriculum.






8 Years’ experience in electronics design and programming 


Include experience as a building and flying Drones.



 B Tech- Electronics & Communications. 

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