• Ad-O Mania

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    INR 250
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  • Paper or Poster presentation

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    INR 250
    Sold Out
  • B-Quiz & B Game

    Participate in B-Quiz and Simulation game.

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    INR 250
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  • B-Plan

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    INR 650
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  • Workshop on Data analytics

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    INR 750
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  • Velvet pass

    Participate in all events except B-plan and Workshop.

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    INR 450
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  • Free pass

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About The Event

IDEEP is a zealous management fest organised by the students of IDP-MBA of JNTU college of

engineering, Hyderabad. IDEEP is a place where knowledge meets fun. The very essence of the event is to

build a student to be best version of him and nothingless- which is the very essence of the course

IDP.IDEEP provides a platform where students can try things for the first time. Overcome their fears, face

obstacle and surpass the milestones set forward by them. The event encourages one to reach new heights

and relieve their passions.


Ticket details

Ad-O-Mania : Rs 250/- per head

1) Team of two participants (max)

2) Participate in Ad-O-Mania

3) Participation certificate for Ad-O-Mania.


Paper or Poster presentations: Rs 250/- per head

1) Participate in Paper /Poster presentation.

2) Participation certificate in events participated.


B-Quiz (Team of 2) + B game  : Rs 250/- per head

1) Participate in both B-Quiz and B Game.

2) Participation certificate for B-quiz and B game.


B-plan: Rs.650/- per head

1) B Plan presentation in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell, JNTU Hyderabad and Micro, Small &     Medium Enterprises – Technology Business Incubator (MSME-TBI)

2) Free participation in B Quiz& B game.

3) Participation certificate in events participated.

Top 10 feasible projects will be funded upto INR 10 lakhs/project


Workshop : Data analytics  : Rs.750 per head

1) Access to guest lectures.

2) Lunch will be provided.

3) Participation certificate.


Velvet Pass: Rs 550/- per head

1) Participate in Paper & Poster Presentation.

2) Participate in Ad-O-Mania.

3) Participate in B-quiz and B game.

4) Participation Certificate for participated event.


Free pass : Rs 0/-

1) Access to guest lecturers.

Even for free pass, one has to register before (online or offline)


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