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 When You Finish This Workshop You\'ll Have a Proven Plan For TRULY EFFORTLESS, BOOK PUBLISHING SYSTEM

... That Will Help You Become an Internationally Published Author WITHOUT Having To Go Through the Painful Process

How To Write and Publish a Book?


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About The Event

 When You Finish This Workshop You'll Have a Proven Plan For TRULY EFFORTLESS, BOOK PUBLISHING SYSTEM

... That Will Help You Become an Internationally Published Author WITHOUT Having To Go Through the Painful Process of Actually Writing Your Book!



It's weird.

According to numerous surveys and researches, people who have published books enjoy an incredible influence with their audience, get more noticed, attract more customers and generally accepted as the ultimate authority in their topic.

However, when people are asked about whey they haven't written a book yet, the replies are less enthusiastic...

"I don't think I'm famous yet to write..."

"I don't know how to write..."

"I don't have time or can't figure out how to get started..."

Ordinary people think and give such reasons... but smart experts know better.

Smart Experts, Entrepreneurs and Professionals know that by becoming a published author, they'll get that unfair advantage over others and they start attracting people to their business like a flower that attracts swarms of bees.

But, how do you do it the right way?


  • How to find and figure out a message that can be made into a book?
  • How to create an outline for a book with points on exactly what goes into each chapter?
  • What are the different ways to get this tedious work done (smart outsourcing)?
  • How to turn knowledge into a internationally published book (and how to leverage this huge publicity to attract even more business, customers and influence)?

These are the questions every smart expert, entrepreneur and professional must be able to answer.

Why Is It Important?

Today, it’s a new world… a new game and new rules apply. A published book is your business card in this new world. And, it’s easier than you think!

Here are 6 big reasons WHY you must become a published author soon, as a proven strategy to become FAMOUS and WELL-KNOWN in your industry.


 Establish  Authority

By becoming a published author, you gain a lot of authority in your specialization and will be automatically considered an EXPERT on your topic.

 Leave a 

Gain a massively unfair advantage by writing a book to make a personal statement and help yourself to leave a legacy behind. A book in your name is a big boost to the ego!

Unbeatable Branding

It’s a new world.. new games and new rules apply. A book is the beginning of a personal brand and a public persona that will keep you in demand.

 Marketing  Edge

Separate yourself from the competition and stand out. Being a published author is a powerful marketing weapon that could lead to new opportunities.

 Thought    Leadership

A book lets you become a thought-leader in your topic because it equates you with the leaders in the industry and places you at a very high level of perception.

 Incredible  Reach

Imagine the number of people you will be able reach with your book, thereby giving you that terrific reach and new opportunities… truly incredible!


At the end of this workshop, you'll have answers to:

  • How to position yourself as the highest authority in your topic with a book?
  • What is your goal for the book? What results would make it a success?
  • Who’s the audience you need to reach for the book to achieve its results? Why will that audience care? What wisdom or knowledge do you have to share that this audience would find valuable?
  • What is the value proposition for your audience? What, specifically, will they get by reading your book? How does your book help your audience achieve their goals?
  • How to get the book written from the outline, easily and quickly?
  • How to get your book published internationally, in both physical (paperback) and digital editions?


You'll have the full OUTLINE for your own book, prepared during the workshop!


Workshop Details:

Tuition: Rs. 4,500 (specially for India) (Normally $495 or INR 33,500)

Includes: Material, Lunch & Beverage (for both days)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setting: Live, 2 full days

Workshop Length: 2 Days (8 hours each)


This workshop is for EXPERTS, ENTREPRENEURS and PROFESSIONALS who want to make it big in their fields by becoming published authors.

We'd like to work with collaborative, fun people who want to make a big difference.

Enroll and participate with an open mind -- take home the outline of your book, which is THE MOST critical part of becoming a published author.


Experts and Specialists

Self-employed Professionals

Entrepreneurs (online/offline)

Startups and Fast-Growth Companies

CEOs and Senior Executives

Consultants, Coaches & Trainers

...anyone who wants added credibility, reputation and an objective sense of accomplishment.



Raam Anand is the founder of infoYOGIS, Stardom Publishing, Stardom Books, Super Achievers Academy and several other brands and services.

He is an author, publisher, trainer and a well-known marketer too. He has built multiple businesses in the US. He is also the publisher of the famous book series "Here's How I Did It!".

He speaks on stages around the world and trains people on topics such as business growth, publishing, digital marketing and high performance.

Raam and his team will facilitate this workshop and coach you to achieve all the objects set forth.



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