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If you wish to apply as a startup or candidate, please visit and register yourselves here -
If you don\'t know about Headstart Higher, here is a quick brief.&n

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About The Event



If you wish to apply as a startup or candidate, please visit and register yourselves here -

If you don't know about Headstart Higher, here is a quick brief. 

  • Headstart Higher is India's most successful startup hiring event.
  • We shortlist outstanding candidates from a pool of applicants.
  • On an average, each candidate gets shortlisted by 6 startups.
  • 50% of the candidates get job offers from multiple startups. 

How is this different from other job fairs?
It is different on two counts. One, only startups (young companies) are allowed to hire in a Higher event. Two, you will undergo a selection before you are allowed to participate.

Working with a startup has its own challenges and opportunities. If you  don’t understand what it takes, read on further. If you do, move on to register yourself by giving the relevant details. If we like your profile, we will tell you how to buy a Candidate Ticket to confirm your seat. We collect a fee of 300 INR to ensure the seriousness and commitment of applicants. 

Risks and Rewards of joining a startup:
Joining a startup is nothing like joining another job. It demands long working hours, responsibility, ownership and a lot of passion. In many cases, the startup may not pay you even half as much as your current salary and would perhaps demand double the amount of work. (However we have a few funded startups as well, who are able to offer very competitive salary packages). 

What is on offer is your shot at changing the world by building a business that provides innovative products and services or does it more efficiently than most others in the world. The risk that you take on your salary is compensated either with some equity in the organisation or simply the fast growth and learning if the company does well. 

Why you shouldn’t join a startup:

You should clearly not join a startup if any of the  following is true:

  1. You have a high commitment to the income you take home. For example, if you are servicing a huge home-loan.
  2. You are unable to get through other jobs and are looking at this as an option for the time being. Joining a startup is a long-term commitment.
  3. You care a lot about the brand name of the company you join. It is quite likely that no one in your circle has heard about the startup you work for, or will hear about it in near future.

Why you may join a startup

There are some people who have natural inclination towards startups:

  1. You are known for taking initiatives among your friends. You happen to be the one person who organises all get-togethers and you love it.
  2. You love the freedom at your workplace. You would find it cool to come to the office whenever you like to and work late hours. Startups usually don’t have an in-time out-time policy.
  3. You think you work best when you are left unsupervised. There are usually not enough people in a startup to monitor you.
  4. You are a programmer but love to try your hand at dabble online marketing, sales and making coffee, or any other way around.

All said and done, working in startups is a rewarding experience. The learning curve is 3x compared to roles in big companies. If your startup does well, you grow very fast. If it tanks, you would still have many job options (given your learning curve). Chances are you'll get some equity or at least, excellent stock options and this may translate into a good deal of cash if your company makes a handsome exit (probability less than 2% though).

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Headstart Higher is organised by Headstart Network Foundation. It's a pan India non-profit organisation committed to building a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs in India.
Other initiatives by Headstart include -

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  • Co-founder Search
  • Inturn
  • WE ( Women Entrepreneurship)
  • Virtual Incubator

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